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The DVD "1900" was number one in my queue for about 2 weeks. Its availabilty during this period was listed as NOW. And yet, although I received numerous DVD's, "1900" was never sent to me. I can only speculate about the reason. Perhaps it was that the DVD consists of two discs, not one and this created logistical problems for Netflix. Or perhaps some renters complained about the very explicit sex and violence in the film and Netflix has informally ceased sending it. Has anyone recently obtained the film from Netflix? I borrowed "1900" from my local library and found it far inferior to "The Grim Reaper" but superior to "Stealing Beauty" and "The Dreamers"
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I have borrowed numerous DVDs from my local library. Invariably the DVDs are in very poor condition with numerous deep scratches which prevent the DVDs from playing properly. DVDs from Netflix almost always work properly.How can we account for this difference? Unless libraries can ensure that their DVDs will not be excessively damaged they should not lend them. They are just wasting taxpayer money.
It will be very interesting to see Netflix's reaction when Bela Tarr's Satantango is released on DVD. One 2 hour section records the torturing and poisoning of a cat. Are the scenes simulated or are they real?
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I live in zipcode 11372 and my local Netflix DC is zipcode 11354, only a few miles away. I noticed in the past that even if I mailed back my DVD's on Monday morning from the 11372 PO, frequently they would not be processed the next day (Tues). As an experiment I made sure that I would package the DVD with the barcode visible through the window. Since I adopted this practice, my DVD's are always received the day after I mail them from my PO. I think that Netflix gives priority in its processing to these Dvd's and processes others later. I too receive DVD's from distant locations. I bought small stickers and paste them over the return address. I write in the address of my local DC. These DVD's are processed the next day, provided the bar code is visible though the window.
"I think it's not so much the fact that they aren't seeing enough movies, it's the fact that Netflix claims "unlimited" rentals." Netflix subscribers live in the USA and are constantly bombarded with advertisng claims which no one would accept as completely truthful. Why then should Netflix be held to a higher standard? For me the key question is whether I am receiving a reasonable number of DVD's per month for the amount of my monthly plan. Since I receive what I consider a reasonable number, I am a very satisfied customer.
Those who complain about Netflix's "throttling" never indicate the number of DVD's they ideally would like to receive each month. Would they be satisfied with 12-15, or would at least 30 be necessary to satisfy them? In the old days, before VHS and DVD's, people saw 1 or 2 movies per week and didn't feel deprived. Gluttony remains one of the 7 deadly sins.
What does "service as fast as it could be" mean? Should Netflix provide each customer with a personal courier to return immediately a watched DVD and promptly return with the next in line? How can we tell if the USPS is deliverying/returning DVDs as expeditiously as possible? Has the supply chain within Netflix been devised to ensure that each member will always be satisfied with service and that complaints will cease to exist?
NetflixShill derides the process of influencing and brainwashing movie customers. Yet a movie becomes a hit because the Hollywood film industry (not Netflix) devotes its money to brainwashing and influencing its cusomers. Consider how the DaVinci Code is currently being hyped prior to its May opening. Hollywood is surely to trying to guarantee that this movie will become a "hit", first by filling theatres and then by renting the DVD. defines "unlimited" as having or seeming to have no boundaries. In reality everything has limits, including the number of DVD's that Netflix will send to subscribers each month. Ignoring Netflix's hype, each subscriber must ask himself if the number of DVD's (while not perfect) is good enough and a reasonable return on his monthly fee.
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Renting a movie from Netflix is a lot like casino gambling. The odds are stacked in favor of the house.Regardless of what stratagem a member devises to ensure that he/she will receive a selected DVD promptly Netflix can counter that stratagem to ensure that an "excessive" number of DVD's are not sent each month. The game will always be played by Netflix rules.
TCM has scheduled "Double Indemnity" for May 2 at 12:00 pm. It is unrealistic to expect any one DVD rental service to contain every DVD ever released. No library contains every book ever published. It is often necessary to use more than one source to find a given item. I believe that Netflix is very liberal in its selection criteria and does not knowingly censor its DVD's. Without naming names Netflix rents numerous DVD's which various groups would find blasphemous, immoral, or offensive to conservative sensibilities.
Toggle Commented Apr 16, 2006 on Netflix Service is 8 Years Old at Hacking NetFlix
I too think a cap has its advantages, say four or five times the rental plan per month (16-20 for four out). However, this must be combined with a predictable shipping policy in which Netflix will no longer sit on returns and shipments. Watching movies should be an enjoyable experience not an opportunity for gluttony.