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I'm broadly convinced by your critique of capitalist media. However, with Alain, I would hold to the view that some form of resistance or even subjective transformation remains possible within and through these media. As Steven Shaviro suggests: 'No system of exploitation is ever total, just as no machine is ever one hundred per cent efficient'. Perhaps wide-ranging resistances are impossible under current conditions. Yet I'd wager that in certain localised networks where dependence on the mechanisms of communicative capitalism is less problematic or conflicted by reciprocity (though maybe that's fanciful thinking) - such as the international milieu of the musical underground - we could identify particularly dense transfer points for aesthetico-political discourse of a critical nature. By the way, I LOVED Blog Theory!!
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Writing as a native of a country where, despite innumerable political scandals (fiscal and otherwise), the ruling party has been in government for twenty of the last twenty three years (Ireland), and living in a country where, despite an unprecedented collapse in capitalist infrastructure and confidence, exorbitant and ridiculous capitalists have just been voted in (the UK), I have to agree with Jocelyn.
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Oct 28, 2010