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He looks the best in the red. But he's perfect in every shot. Seriously, does he have a license to be that hot?
Whoah! Gisele looks hot with this haircut!
Toggle Commented Jan 15, 2011 on More Gisele For Balenciaga at Made in Brazil
I'm diggin' the bicep tattoo. Wish I could see what it says! haha.
This guy is too hot for words...
Toggle Commented Dec 11, 2010 on Tarik by Sam Scott Schiavo at Beauty and the Bum
Whoah! Beyonce looks really good here. And Liya Kebede always looks good...
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It's unfortunate that a shooting ruined what should have been a happy day for thousands of people. I hope they catch the guys that did this.
If anyone wore this in NY they would be doused in red paint by someone from PETA within 5 minutes of leaving their SoHo loft. Have to admit, though, it is beautifl.
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I dont get it... it looks like shes trying to teach english or something, and the fact that she's only fourteen with all those japanese men lusting after her... kinda gross
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Aug 20, 2010