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They lost 1 million customers full stop, but I can't see many people sticking with both Instant and DVDs. People that don't have cable and just want to watch TV shows and B-movies will keep Instant. People that enjoy classic films and special features/commentaries will stick with DVDs.
If that is The Fall by Tarsem Singh then it's one of the most wonderful films made in the past 10 years. It was on Starz Play earlier this year but the transfer was awful. Hopefully it's in HD this time (for your sake, at least... I ditch Instant in 5 days when my billing month ends).
Uh, why would they lose DVD-only subscribers? if anything, they're going to gain more since it's $2 cheaper than the DVD/Instant combo. I know plenty of people that think Instant was a nice touch when it was $2, but aren't satisfied with the content enough to justify ditching DVDs.
I'm glad you posted this. Maybe Netflix will fix it now, since this workaround is the most convoluted thing imaginable. I can't imagine Netflix is proud that they make their customers work through a 10 step program just to play an episode on their TV.
Disney's current home video strategy is artificial scarcity. They take their videos off the shelves and cycle them through "THE VAULT!!!" to create a whole market of Disney home video collectors that otherwise wouldn't care at all. Of course they're going to remove their content from Netflix streaming. Disney is the reason it takes so long for copyright media to enter the public domain now. They're never going to do things for the consumer.
If they want to be like HBO, then getting content from the creator of a show as awful and gimmicky as Weeds is a step in the wrong direction.
The Shining... gees, I figured there would be a dozen of these screencaps to warrant a new article on this website. The ultimate scene from a classic film? What brave new ground. You would think the Razzles were sponsoring you.
They've had the option to clear your rating for a looong time. What they need to fix for this redesign is the static frame taking up over a third of the screen if you're using a browser at 720p. I have a laptop plugged into a TV and I literally can't even see an entire movie cover at that resolution-- the resolution that ALL of their HD content is in! Why do they think we need a big NETFLIX logo and then a giant empty gray block on the top of the page at all times when we can't even see a whole row of movie covers?
Ideally, I'm going to watch as much of the HD Instant content before September (since the SD content is often in incorrect aspect ratios or framerates), then go DVD-only for a few months, then probably streaming for a month if I see anything good on, then back to DVD. I don't know if they'll allow this, but I'm honestly not that impressed with the Instant selection now that I've seen most of the good stuff.
I'd like to point out that most SD Instant content is GARBAGE-- Netflix doesn't set the framerate so some scenes are choppy and others are too smooth and look like home videos. All of the Steadicam footage in SD movies is noticeable smoother (higher framerate) than the other footage. Their SD movies might as well not even exist to me, so once I blow through the rest of my HD queue I'll be moving to this plan for a while.
I just had a dozen titles expire yesterday that I'd been trying my best to watch but ran out of time. A lot of them were nice HD transfers of old releases that are only available on crummy letterboxed DVDs. I don't know how anybody can't see the point of this.
Wow, it's great to read news of Netflix actually adding features instead of slowly eroding them. I have about 10 different ones that I can use, but I usually only use 4 (one of them doesn't play HD content in sync, another doesn't like shows with over 100 episodes) because I got tired of activating stuff.
Does Windows 7 Media Center play "HD on your TV" content in HD, or does it act just like the website and only play "Available in HD" titles in HD?
This has become a major pain in the ass lately. Netflix has been resorting my queue for months now, ever since they combined TV shows into one season. The recent re-sort wasn't just TV though, it seemed to take every other title in my queue and throw it to the end of the list. I'm honestly getting fed up.
Yes, just like Kevin up there my shows drop randomly to the bottom of my queue and shows like South Park that have 100+ episodes just list 100 random episodes. This is a massive decline in quality of service for me.
Hooray! I hope the quality is massively better than the Starz Play stuff (which isn't hard; YouTube probably has smoother playback than the choppy Starz content).
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May 16, 2011