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"Climate Realists" are really digging their hole big today: They are insisting that the sea surface chart shows ice, that the email I received from one of the researchers at the DMI/COI which shows the color on the map that is gray shows sea surface temps below -1.7C refers to the sea surface anomalies map, not the SST map. That's impossible when looking at the color schemes. Such pig-headed obstinacy.
Toggle Commented Sep 17, 2012 on Joe Bastardi found a cherry at Arctic Sea Ice
cynicus, Bastardi didn't make an error, he deliberately posted a map that only showed sea surface temps and cliamed it showed ice. The title of this thread is in error - Bastardi found no cherry. There is nothing wrong with the map from DMI/COI he used - it doesn't pretend to show sea ice at all. Every color is sea surface temps. What Bastardi did was tell a lie - over and over and over again.
Toggle Commented Sep 17, 2012 on Joe Bastardi found a cherry at Arctic Sea Ice
You don't need to go to a different website to find the sea ice concentration. DMI/COI, the place Bastardi got his picture above, has a map of sea ice concentration: It shows the same ice extent that everybody else has - with less ice now than at the end of August. Bastardi had to intentionally choose "sea surface temperature" in order to get that map above. Incidentally, I emailed someone a few days ago at DMI/COI for clarification about the coloring of what at first glance looks like ice on Bastardi's picture. Dr. Jacob L. Hoyer was kind enough to reply: "Hi Robert, I admit it can be difficult to see, but actually the light gray color is in the colorbar, in the triangle to the far left. This means that all temperatures (including sea ice) below -1.7 are marked light gray. Hope this helped. Best wishes, Jacob" The website "Climate Realists" re-posted Bastardi's tweet (he's been posting this all week actually) and when I pointed out Bastardi's error, a surreal exchange took place with the site admin. They apparently don't care that it's sea surface temps and not sea ice: Unreal doesn't begin to describe it.
Toggle Commented Sep 15, 2012 on Joe Bastardi found a cherry at Arctic Sea Ice
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