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Rob Ross
Calgary, AB
Disciple of Jesus Christ
Interests: Family, Discipleship, Storytelling, Reading, Writing, Technology, Social Media, Web Design, Coaching, Chaplaincy,
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Some of these could be considered excuses rather than reasons. I am including two additional reasons that came to mind (they may be similar to the ones already stated).:) 9. Many simple church folk are wary of anything that appears to be institutional. 10. Organization is a bad word for many simple churches which includes organized giving.
Rad, I really appreciate your insight. I have pondered these ideas for some time. Here are some questions for anyone willing to respond. How do you see the simple/house churches in North America (particularly in Canada) moving forward in the direction Rad is suggesting? It has been my experience that the first statement (trust, partner and network) has been a stumbling block for many who are involved in simple/house churches. How can this be overcome in practical terms? Regarding hospitality it is an essential element to being the church. It is also something that needs to be better understood. Hospitality has to extend outside the gathering of the church and reach into our communities. How do you see the individual disciple as well as the gathering of believers intentionally promoting hospitality? Being generous givers and good stewards is a must. One challenge our gathering has often found faced is a lack of focus in our giving. What would you suggest would be a best practice for giving in a simple/house church? Do you see giving in an individual, family (corporate) or network sense? How could this giving become more effective in terms of a simple/house church? I like your concept of Hubs. This concept is something that needs to happen in order to see the multiplication of effective disciple makers. What is your understanding of a Hub? Who does it include? How does it function? Your fifth statement is something I am still thinking about and not as sure I agree. The reason I am less sure of this statement is that it sounds very much like the establishment of a new denomination. This concept seems like it may develop a sense of exclusivity. How would you propose that something like this be established? Regarding the use of new media and technology I could not agree with you more. One of the major obstacles to doing something like this is the unwillingness many simple/house churches have regarding the idea of being connected in any sense let alone online. I believe the potential for using the Internet is only limited by our imaginations and are willingness to go into uncharted territory. I know many house churches are using the technology but how could it be done more effectively? Finally, regarding your seventh statement all I can say is Amen. Obviously I have more questions than answers. I appreciate your willingness Rad to tackle these questions and look forward to further discussions.
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Feb 11, 2010