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Rob Saunders
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Re Twenty Tips - a few wee points: #1 "(and while we're at it, understand that the Twin Towers only went down because of their exoskeleton construction; had they been built differently, they would have remained standing and your lunatic "martyrs" would have killed only a few more people than themselves - essentially, the operation was actually a failure)." Leaving aside the insult to the "only a few" passengers on the two aircraft, anyone would think that the Twin Towers hadn't been chosen precisely because of their construction. Anyone would think that the operation hadn't been planned by a professional structural engineer. (What do you think Osama bin Laden did for his day job before he went into hiding?) "had they been built differently, they would have remained standing" - ever heard the phrase "if my aunt had balls she'd be my uncle"? Just how far in the sand is your head stuck? #9 "Treat your women better, and in the Muslim countries that practice female circumcision, stop it NOW, of your own volition; don't leave it to us and Waris Dirie to have to continually campaign against it - we never committed this atrocity in the first place" Of course you didn't......well, not since 1958 Oh, right...that far in the sand. #11 "You come from countries where it's not even a twinkle in anybody's eye" What, like India? Sure, they've got problems, especially with Hindu extremists, but when you consider the sheer numbers involved I'd say their record is pretty good. You didn't know you had Muslim immigrants from India? Shake that sand out, bubba. #14 "Start THINKING instead of REACTING" Because America has done so much of that since 11 Sept 2001 #18 "If you must have a religion, try to find one that celebrates life instead of death." Er, the one that celebrates death, literally, is Christianity. It celebrates the death of Jesus for our sins, on the cross. Why do you have a problem with Christianity? Islam, of course, has no such death obsession, believing Jesus to be merely a prophet of God. For moderationist: read this and learn what bollocks you're talking - And for Richard "And when was that exactly?", just think for a moment about why so many scientific and mathematical terms come from Arabic words, and why the numbers we use every day are called Arabic numerals. Hint: it isn't because they were invented in Milwaukee. Now read (sorry to keep asking you guys to read stuff, but you're never going to shed your laughable ignorance if you don't make some effort to keep up): And now you know the answer to your question is "The 700 years from the 9th to the 16th century". In other words, a damned sight longer than the West has been top of the heap so far.
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Nov 22, 2009