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Robyn :)
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Wonderful things :) Cute new nephew and boyfriend!! Can't wait to see your apartment!
Great things !!!
Toggle Commented May 18, 2015 on may : currently at Amanda Rose Zampelli | the blog
Hey Amanda, hope all is well since you haven't posted in awhile.
Baby Shower Disco Party???????? So doing that if I have another baby!!
I am reading that book, too.
Toggle Commented Apr 16, 2015 on april : currently at Amanda Rose Zampelli | the blog
Check Ikea, they may have some options
I ended up not doing so well with mile a day in March, but am going to try again in May for my preparation of running a 5k in July!!
Your first apartment!! How exciting! My first apartment was a studio, but it had a dividing wall so it was 2 rooms (plus a kitchen and bathroom). They make these things that can house all your crafting stuff and also have a fold out desk. It is a certain company that makes them, but I can't remember the name. Maybe google Craft Closets or Scrapbooking Closets or Cupboards.
You are brilliant with Washi Tape!!!
Those are AWESOME!! I may do that this year as my boy is too young to help dye them. I like to use wraps but this would look nicer.
I am excited to hear about your design opportunity! I have been hoping you get to design something for MAMBI.
Congratulations! How exciting!!
You are doing an awesome job!!! Thanks for the encouragement on my instagrams, too :)
These would be awesome for Week In The Life!! Made my commitment official. I will share on Facebook, too. And download instragram
I would love to attempt this. I think most of my miles will be done in the gym, though lol.
After doing physical therapy for my back and knee I joined the gym where it was, but have slacked off. I actually recommitted this week to going. I went twice and would have gone again today but I have an ear infection or something :( Hoping to go tomorrow, though! I want to go at least 3 times a week. I am focusing mostly on strength training and building up cardio so I can run a 5k in July. Not sure how I build excitement to stay in shape. I guess I look forward to listening to the songs on my iPod or reading while I do the bike or sitted step machine. I also want to be active with my little boy this summer.
I read a book that my Bishop from church wrote called Sword of Laban (it was aboutwhat might happen if there was a division in the Mormon church. Fiction book).And I just checked out There Was a Little Girl by Brooke Shields. Have a great day!! Robyn Want to know what Im up to???Go to
WHERE DID YOU GET THE PICTURE OF FONZIE???????? The spreads look awesome. I like the smaller format. I have thought of doing a PL in a Smashbook, but it would have to just be about me and not my family (meaning baby and cat lol. I think I would be able to fit hubby in). Where did you get the book review card? I need one of those. Or several. I'm actually reading again!! You are keeping me inspired!!
Great pages Amanda!!!! I always get inspiration from seeing what you do. I really want to find those clear MAMBI stickers. I am planning a major scrapbooking buy next month lol Where do you get your typewriter tape?
Hugs to you. I am sure your crazy weather isn't helping either. Don't worry about the crying and obsessing. Give yourself time to grieve and wallow and take joy in the things you love doing. and snuggle with your cats.
That is really cool. I love those stickers
That is so awesome Amanda!!!! I can't wait to hear about your adventures and what you see. I used to work in Anaheim. I worked a block away from the baseball stadium. So about a mile from the convention center :) I am trying to remember the streets. I think it may actually be on the same street lol. Are you going to go to Disneyland?
Toggle Commented Jan 10, 2015 on CHA, HERE I COME! at Amanda Rose Zampelli | the blog
I am so proud of you, Amanda!! I have been reading your blog since you were teaching (I think in your next to last year) and am just so impressed with what you have accomplished. My word was patience and I don't think it served me very well lol. Well, I guess it did when I was waiting for my son to be born and increased my scripture reading and studying to pass the time. But I am still a very impatient person. Excited to see what your new word is.....