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Ro Cahan
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I want to chime in. I LOVE Netflix and I am a cheap skate. This said I would easily pay more for Netflix. If you have cable how much do you pay? Here the cheapest is $22 for Basic, $30ish for expanded, and I have no idea for digital say $50. What do you get, commercials and what they want you to watch. Netflix, you get no commercials and you pick what you want to watch. (I would watch commercial and pay though). I have found some shows that I "loved" to watch on cable that when I can pick what to watch on Netflix, I actually find I dont like the show! I would pay per stream IF they can figure out how to make that work. We have two Roku, a Wii, and computers that we watch on. Roku and Wii only allow one sign in, otherwise you would have to relink accounts per change. They need to figure out how to get the same Que on each stream subscription. While I am at it, get separate ques, one for me, one for wife, one for both! $8 a month, I am ripping Netflix off and loving it, $25 a month no question I would pay, over that well, we would have to see.
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Sep 9, 2011