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Rocio Gil
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Dear Graham & Robbie: Every tv show is scripted, no one would allow Jay Leno to get that beaten by a guest ON HIS OWN SHOW without pulling the plug first. With that been said, Leno is no underdog, on the contrary, if he was the underdog, he would accept his defeat and move to some other kind of network that could accommodate whatever it is he wants to do. But instead what he did is pressure nbc to keep him in the roaster or loose all the affiliates that he has pull with. Conan had a show that instead of having the 1st shot at the news of the day (like the tonite show always did) had the 2nd place... lots of ppl won't stick around to hear the same information told by someone else, what do you think would happen if the 11pm news was preceded by "the 10 o'clock news"... would you stick around for a "different view of the same subjects"... I don't think so. Conan was brought over from the obscure writing rooms to nbc to take over the late night show (with no previous experience in hosting, mind you) after David Letterman left for getting royally screwed over bylenno. And now this piece of work guy has managed to drive yet another great host away (who in my opinion has 10 times more class, talent and convictions than Jay) just because his plan of "coming back to tv cuz retirement doesn't sound too good" failed miserably (Jay's show stunk and stinks and will continue to stink, in my opinion). So yes, this is much less important than all of the other HORRIBLE things that are happening in the world, BUT lets not forget that Conan brought over his WHOLE TEAM from NY to LA, because they have a sense of community and family, and with the change of plans Leno and NBC execs just had, a lot of those people, who bust their a**es behind camera to produce, write and put that wonderful show on the air, will most likely loose A LOT... and to them, I'm sure that is as bad as it can get (specially those with kids, who recently bought houses, etc...) Jay Leno should be ashamed of his conduct, Conan is using his airtime to express the pain and anger him and his colleagues feel, because that's the only way they can do it...and still he does it in a classy, hilariously witty way. The world is big, the troubles are many, but lets not undermine someone's problems just because others have bigger/different problems. Roc!o
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Jan 15, 2010