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Interests: golf, web 2.0, fishing, new technologies, kayaking, psychology, politics, skiing, red sox, predictive analytics, social networking, great food, supply chain management, sales and marketing strategy and execution, the evolution of software, lead management, social responsibility and accountability, travel here and abroad, bird watching and gardening, all kinds of wine, latest movies, patriots and celtics, bu hockey, all things trinity college
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Could not agree more with James L. The issue is NOT the tools and technologies, but the skill set needed. Most folks in marketing (B2B mostly) do not have a clue what they should track and why. They don't have the experience or skills to understand what to look for and why. Also agree that agencies not only do not work, but don't care about the "results" of their work beyond the scope and time-frame of the project. Agencies are "one and done" oriented around campaigns and projects. Before I get hammered by agency folks who want to claim "au contraire", remember that if they are not part of the team and properly directed as to how they have to integrate their campaigns into the overall process of client acquisition strategy, then they can never succeed in proving value and showing meaningful metrics. Most metric exercises tend to be "self-fulfilling prophesies" vs truly explaining what is working and why.