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RockCorps has been using the power of music to inspire young people to volunteer in the United States since 2004. In the coming year, we will be staging a series of concerts to inspire volunteerism in the UK. We've found that youth will respond to calls to action when top rock, pop and hip-hop artists make that call. For our concerts, you can't buy a ticket, you have to earn a ticket. Over 25,000 kids have given 4 hours of their time to their community as a result, and after the concerts we've proven they will return to volunteer again and again. It works; music motivates. So we welcome the recommendation in today's report to use concerts as an incentive to increase volunteerism. We look forward to working with the Centre for Social Justice alongside our existing UK charity, media and brand partners in making this concept a reality. To see how this really works, highlights of our concerts and volunteer achievements, take a look at our website - RockCorps. com
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