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Why do you think that Bobby cares? He was nothing but one of the scumbags trying to manipulate the stock prices.
Again, the lawyers are the only ones who make out on this. There is not even an easy way to remove yourself form this lawsuit that, at least I, never asked to be part of. These types of lawsuits are ruining us all.
Ahh, the ADA... what a great meal ticket to lawyers, and hindrance to business. To Sara, "it only works if all companies are held to the same standard (otherwise, it's really unfair competition!)". Not sure how one company making sure that their products and services are usable by a larger customer base is "unfair".
"Netflix does not do a good job of screening disks" as in they don't is a better scenario. When I had DVDs (canceled way before the price change), I can't tell you how many DVDs of old(er) TV shows were flat out damaged. Not scratched, but where the hubs had cracks. I quickly learned to always inspect before I play.
"zero box office".. you're kidding me, right? do you have any idea what Smith is doing with this film? That he's the one renting out the theater, and showing it himself?
You know, I did want to see this movie, but because some random people above didn't like it, nor do they like Kevin Smith, my opinion has not changed, and I'm going to drop Netflix and sign up with Blockbuster because of this. Thanks random nameless people!
Face it, everyone got streaming for free. So what, is streaming not worth anything to you? The people who work strictly on the streaming side of things don't have any value to their jobs? But the second streaming started costing money, the naysayers ran around posting to every blog that they could find that their life is ruined thanks to Netflix.
Smart... very smart. Let each company grow by itself, and conversely, fail by itself.
Egads, who has the time, or when have there been 4-5 movies out and available to watch every month?
@Royrapoport.. On the plus side, it's not like we are paying extra to see the knock-off, but many people do. They intentionally try to make you think that it's the actual movie that you wanted to see so they can make some fast cash. It's practically fraud.
I'm more upset that they offer 'knock-off' films (Battle OF Los Angeles for example), and all the Byron Allen stuff that they just picked up.
Mike, just get out the banhammer. The only thing I can think of to troll here is to be a shill for cable. And they are not even doing it right.
@Knaldskalle You're assuming that BP108 is ever on topic?
@BP108, so why are you here?
I thought that logins were to stop the constant threadjacking. Has BP108 posted anything besides their own masturbatory bs?
@Joemaxhardman.. so what's your Twitter account then?
I can see how this isn't a half bad deal for any Amazon Prime member, but assuming that the current cost of Amazon Prime is what's used to offset the deal on shipping, I'm not sure how Amazon can offer this without taking a huge loss somewhere. That, and the fact that the amount of devices that Amazon can stream to vs what Netflix can stream to reduces the threat to Netflix.
So, Netflix has had a steady income, but Blockbuster's suddenly dropped? I'm not sure that the two are entirely related, or at least, it's a very bad way to show the relation between the two.
I think it's the Flintstone effect:
Toggle Commented Jan 10, 2011 on Walking In Circles at Retro Thing
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I'd try the Netflix Full Access gadget for iGoogle for streaming updates. New streaming releases could be a blog all by itself.
Omar.. *facepalm* yes, I'm sure they don't stream to Puerto Rico because they are racist.
I may in a year or so, but my DVD queue is already quite full of TV episodes... But my plan was to drop from 2 dvd's to 1 all along.
I'd rather see both up front. There's a lot of films that I rate that Netflix doesn't quite understand why. For example, I gave Jesus Camp 5 stars, but unlike what Netflix things I should be interested in based on that rating, I'm not a fan of Veggie Tails.
True.. but it does not make the product any less leame.
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