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Rockman X
Recent Activity It's called IPRelay Look it up. Deaf people have been using phones for years. @Jason No encoding is required to insert soft subtitles into movies and TV shows. And it's already required that they exist, anyway. They should have had subtitles from the beginning. @moviegeek "There are hundreds of devices that use different software, Netflix has to find a way to have soft-subtitles/CC work on all of them." Doesn't Netflix develop all of those softwares anyway? And if not, you really think it's that hard to implement a subtitle stream? There are far more than 1000 TVs on the market and each one supports Closed Captioning. Same with DVD players and subtitles. There are plenty of existing protocols to use and almost all of them can easily be used by any of the hundreds of players out right now with a simple firmware update.
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Oct 20, 2011