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Tam, That is the most unbalanced, historically inaccurate and objectively flawed comment I have read for some time. Oh Yeah, Chavez is a real Hitler, alright. You just make yourself sound like the entrenched wingnut Venezuelan opposition that spew whatever lie pops into their head. I fully condemn Chavez for seeking common cause with a fundamentalist dictator. On the other hand ,I also believe his redistributive policies and nationalization projects are the only path toward a more democratic and equitable nation. The last 30 years of Latin American economic history stands as a glaring example of the inability of capitalist mechanisms to create even a basic level of prosperity for the vast majority of people. Hit job commentary simply shows an inability to discuss and provide analysis on the reality of life in Venezuela. For the record, I firmly believe Chavez has to nationalize the banking system and put an end to the boom taking place in financial class.
Randy, although I agree with you that the three day Easter ban is silly there certainly is a need to regulate booze sales. If you have ever been to Venezuela you would kwow that drinking and driving is a national passtime. Alcohol sellers line the roads and walk up and down the street between cars in heavey traffic areas. If Chavez's wants to start to address this problem, which, to his credit, he has made it an issue, he should work to ban alcohol vending to drivers. While many of the bars get around the ban the crack down on street venders during the holliday will certainly reduce number of drunk driving deaths this Easter weekend.
Randy dont you find this trend in the U.S MSM to present democratically elected Latin American presidents in a bad or threatening light somewhat disturbing.
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