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Davids Kingdom
Been there done that.
Interests: The truth : Wherever it leads.
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Forgot I got your first email not the second it was in my spam folder and I never checked it till an hour ago, I cleared you as spam and all should come through fine now. (smiling) Big hug and kiss J
What year and model is your caddy?? I had a 1968 Cadillac Fleetwood black with mauve leather interior. Sold it for peanuts to a friend. It was a classic in mint condition. Hated to part with it but ..... Neck seems to be fine now dealing with other matters. Patience Toots you will get your fridge. How is the weather now? Warming up any? It was in the high 70's here today then it drops down to high forties at night. After the doc I spent the whole day with the bank in Beersheba and my head is spinning. Think I take a shower and wake up. Love you my sweet Tootsie J
Love bites from your little wolf pup xxxxooooo
Checked email nothing came through. Those are all of my emails my other cell # is 1 972 52742108 now you have them all. Turn your lights on the TV radio etc. eat something anything to keep your mind distracted even me. LOL It's going to be alright just be patient how long before AAA gets to him??? Blowing you kisses toots xxxooo
You did nothing he was very upset I believe his children live in Israel or some of them. He does care and is probably a nice guy. He lashed out at you because he resents you from your past exchanges and he did read you comment erroneously.... He is pompous and stuff and someone I would never interact with off this blog. I was never comfortable around men like him. Different worlds. He left in a huff but will probably come back after he cools down. I think he knows Ted from Canada. I will leave them for you as long as you want and never hesitate if you get the urge I would love to talk to you and hear your real voice. How far away is Levi? He should be home soon I'm sure don't worry. This seems to have been a trying day for you I wish I could hold your hand till Levi comes home. Does he have a cell phone? Have you called him or he you? You are not comfortable being at home alone after dark? Why is your house dark?? Your not in trouble and If I had shut my big mouth it would have passed and been forgotten by now. Blame me you did nothing absolutely nothing except being your beautiful sweet self, the one I am mad over crazy in love with. Is your worry about your premonition or something else you haven't told me? Stay on with me till he comes home I'm here. XXXXOOO
Leery s right I can feel it all over me ,at night, when I awake. _____________________________________________________________________ Ragnarrok.????? Enough of such dire premonitions. You are tired and maybe a bit overwrought.Levi will be fine and home soon I'm sure. I'm here always for you if you want to talk sweetheart. you can call me anytime at 1 972 535202877 I will erase those details tomorrow. ________________________________________________________________________ I think it's your imagination but maybe not.... I do think about you intensely Naw!!!! No way. LOL How do you really look body wise??? Thin /full you know :how would you describe yourself? Do you wear glasses? finger nails long short in between? Prefer baths or showers? Are you neat or like me? LOL What's your favorite novel? Movie? TV show now and or ever? Besides hair eyes height and big feet I don't know a lot more..... Yidvocate: I thought you two were past the previous run ins? Guess not. I lost an admirer didnn't know I had but I'm glad I don't like him either... I was personally touched by your original comment and loved you for it. His comment came out of the blue with such hatred I reacted as I did. Hope I didn't offend you too much but I'm not easy either. I am loyal to my friends and loves.... He won't do it again I think. Big Hug and a warm kiss from me Toots.
Leery of my mind????????????????? No need and no reason...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My feeling for you are real, my concern for you is real. There is none other in my life or mind but you... xxxooo back to you sweetheart You are testy today besides being tired what's wrong???
My sweet Darling Debbie....I really do worry about you, day and night. I think you take too much on yourself physically. Know your physical-limitations and don't push yourself. No good will come of that..... Ted wrote to me too but our digs are not chatting. He will forget about it in a few days anyways he always has. We are raising his blog ratings whether he admits to it or not. People tune in to watch love soap. LOL Realize the average age of posters on Israpundit is like 60. I checked so I know the demographics. Which fridge did you get in the end? The GE?? L'hitchadesh we say in Hebrew when someone gets something new,,,,,No direct translation into English but it's good. Is your guest or guests still there? I love your love bites feel free anytime but not to hard or deep darling, I am on blood thinners. I keep searching for songs to express my feelings for you and can't always find what I'm looking for exactly but Know I keep trying. Sometimes I luck out. Rest as much as you need and come back to me when you can I long for you....... Love you with all my heart and mind. Jeff
Good morning Toots. How are you today dear heart? How is the weather where you are??? Missed you like crazy all night and all day. Over slept my doctors appointment so rescheduled for tomorrow am. Happens I don't have an alarm clock. For You my sweet Debbie:
How do you know Tootsie??? I can grip a basketball in each hand...... querido corazón!!!!! Looking forward to trying though. I can't lose!!!!
You devil you are making me hungry and not only for your cooking. Don't you know my little tootsie I feel you all the time waking and sleeping. I dream we are snuggling, your rear to me and I am hugging you and kissing the nape of your neck and lightly biting your ear and my arms around your breasts. I whisper how much I love and adore you. The gale wind is blowing outside and we glow in each others warmth. You choose the music We must be Careful dweller got to Ted over Irving and he deleted all our funny comments. So we will behave for a short while till he isn't looking closely. I think a few days, he doesn't often read or monitor comments unless somebody direct comment to him or complains. Enjoy you company and save me some food I love leftovers (only food)!!!! Love you like hell I am spellbound over you. Te quiere Jeff
No not angry and still awake. I didn''t leave you did??? You know I always dream of you snuggling and more....I can't tell you how much I miss you but I'm trying to behave myself which ain't easy for me with you. LOL No tomorrow I buy the gun then I need to get a license from the police. Could take a couple of weeks. Although I have several guns and that might speed up the process. I will be gone most of tomorrow and you have guests will that be for the whole day and night? Love ya Tootsie
Not much happening tonight. Three right-wing Jewish protesters were arrested on Monday evening for throwing stones at an exhibition of the B'Tselem human rights organization in Jerusalem. Soldier who was stabbed died Women 28 was first run over then stabbed. BB is pontificating empty threats !!! Situation back to normal for the moment. How are you??? Check out the devices I listed above they might help you. I'm very easy to be friends with if I like them if not nothing will help so I'll trust your judgement. He has good taste I'll give him that. Never turned up mine I'm not now or ever was I turned on by sheer pulchritude. I had to call the American conciliate in Jers this morning. Funny to hear an American voice..... I have to go there soon but am reluctant to go because they are located deep into East jerusalem so I think I'll wait to see if things cool down before I go.. Tomorrow I go to buy my new gun it's beautiful and very light weight and a small compact profile so I can conceal better. Pack a hell of a punch especially if I use hollow points. Mar is looking to talk to you. Love you Jeff
Are you pissed at me????????? I was joking seriously!!!!! Never eve looked at the picture on that she was part Arb and Part christians and tried to joke about it????? Ahora que te tengo a ti mi amor yo quiero mantenerlo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love ya sweetheart Really!!!!! Jeff
Good morning MLT (MY LITTLE TOOTSIE) How are you?????? te quiero My darling!!! J
Debbie many years ago I partnered and created a company that developed and manufactured a medical device known as TENS ( transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) I found and we had our own studies done then that used properly the machine was very effective in reducing pain significantly. I worked for me when I used it on my leg and when my back went out and couldn't move. We produced several prototypes and sold the rights to a Japanese medical device co. I kept a few but over the years loaned them out to friends and never received them back. Anyway IF You have not yet tried this device I do recommend exploring it as it might be you answer in more ways than one..... Pls read this is only one of many on the market and I can't tell you which company and product is best today but I had somehow forgotten the thing and just remembered it.. Easy to apply and non intrusive. If it works you will feel the results immediately. Principle is that the electric pulse ( you get used to it it's very weak) block the pain in the nerve and it never reaches the brain so you do not feel any or much pain. It could help you in reducing your med dependency too. Here is only one link I picked at random but there is a whole industry on these devices... If your interested you'd need to get good professional advice but for pain it works!!!!!!! Some people use them for weight loss when applied to the muscles it stimulated rapidly them the same results when exercising with the physical effort... TENS transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation The above are only some samples and examples. Let me kow if your interested. If you've already explored fine. Thinking of ya constantly Te quiere. J
Look dweller is jealous of me He has a thing about me, don't know whether he is gay but I have always suspected it. He uses you to get to me. It eats him up our relationship and is the only one it bothers. A month ago Ted asked me on the phone what's up between us he reads it and I told him I really cared for you and he's cool.. You must know I was not searching to get involved with anyone and while I was attracted to you I never explored my real feeling for a long time. I can understand your conflicted and how it must bother you. I can't deny what I feel though and what I say I feel I am not one who hides his emotions I wear them on my sleeve. That's me. We feel pretty much the same way with the exception you have a family. Our love for each other is hardly girlish or boyish we have both lived too long and have enough combined personal experiences to fill a large book....I need you and you seem to need me I am soooo attracted to you and you to me.... How can that be bad or wrong. Denying your feeling for me would be wrong because you have them. I have them for you!! we have not done anything to physically consummate our relationship and it's as pure as one can have. That's bad? I have never asked or considered that you neglect your husband for me although I would not be unhappy but i couldn't ask such a thing. i respect you in every way All I want is a small part of you just for me or us whenever you can fit me in with out making you feel guilty of unduly conflicted. If we have 5 min or 5 hours I will love you all the same as long as I know you love me and care... I will never consciously make you again feel jealous. Sorry that threw you but I needed to know....There is no other women I even look at since us believe that pls..... This morning after I woke up and saw your last comment I quickly replied and felt empty to having missed your last comments and not having a chance to say goodnight. I felt like I went to sleep angry and I wasn't angry and felt like crap. What must she have thought I said to myself... I spent two hours responding. Then waited like a jerk for you to come on.... by 10-11am your time, you not showing I was a bit frantic thinking you were angry sick and everything in between. That type of reaction will have to cease and whenever you come on I will be joyful. And I will be!!! Debbie it will be OK we have found each other in a strange way and it's really beautiful, unexpected at this time in our lives for both of us. let's just love each other in the best way we can for now and put all the negatives out of our minds. I can't go a day without the thought of some contact with you. It's not like I can pick up my phone and call. I'm limited to your appearances here and on pundit. I gave you my email and phone # I think so I'm an open book nothing big hidden. You will know everything about me long before I get the same from you. That's Love and trust on my part........... In all the years i've live and all the things I've done I Have never had such strong feelings AS I HAVE FOR YOU!!!! NEVER!!!!! I CAN"T DENY WHAT I FEEL. I don't want to rationalize or intellectualize what I feel just to revel in the glow and warmth of those feelings to try to make you as happy as I can from this awkward position, I will do silly things and even say some silly things but that's my crazy love speaking LOL Can we now embrace kiss and hold hands tonight??? Love ya like hell Jeff
Sorry sweetheart the last thing I want is to tear you apart really I try to be understanding, I really do.....I will just need to learn to live with what I have with you....Be patient with me I am really on new ground and I need to learn to control myself better. You didn't answer re: Levi reading my comments? I know you used paratroopers to get my attention I was teasing . But sweetheart you always have my attention even the comments not addressed to you are mostly for you. Do you think I would tell so many person vignettes of myself for Devolin and others. They were for you. I don't care about the rest of em... Silly. It's my way of connecting with you. I would prefer to talk here privately with you. Your call!!! I am so crazy in love with you I'm not sure where I am half the time... Does that sound too crazy??? I wish I could see, feel you and smell your scent, joke with you and you know....... Tease me sweetheart I love it. Dear Heart Jeff
You let levi read my comments ??? Don't know what to think?
No never enjoyed jumping I was always scarred used to jump with my eyes tight shut till the Chute opened. Then it was cool and I was relieved.... Most of our Jumps were at night and you can't see much. We even jumped into the Med Sea once. That was fun. Tell you some funny stories sometime.
Not always unhappy. I thought you were still pissed at me. Anyway who said I wasn't talking to you? You keep disappearing.???? So you got a thing for Paratroopers???? Know a lot do you?? I am always antsy when you are not around, haven't you figured that out yet?? LOL Love ya Tootsie. J
Well my little Toosie, I hope you had fun while I suffered in torment!!!!! LOL What did you buy today? Anybody buy you? ________________________________________________________________________ UN AMOR Un amor viví... llorando. Y mi decía: Las palabras de Dios... Llorando por ti... es con amor... Un amor Un amor viví... llorando ya atormentado.... Las palabras de Dios, Llorando por ti... es con amor. Ay para ya vivir junto a ti. Me enamore allá de ti. Ya sin tus besos yo no puedo... vivir en el acordar. Yo quisiera Para entender un amor y saber Que me quería, ya atormentado... Las palabras de Dios... Llorando por ti... es con amor. ___________________________________________________________________ Ay para ya vivir junto a ti. Me enamore allá de ti. Ya sin tus besos yo no puedo vivir en el acordar
Where are you??? Are you OK???? At least let me know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love ya Jeff
querido corazón
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Querido Corazón I fell asleep at my desk top last night waiting around what seemed forever for you to show up. Now It's 12.30PM here . No sleep the night before and couldn't keep my eyes open. Paratrooper? Yes and No: I did the course and enough jumps for my wings by never served in the Paratroop brigade. In Korea we learned repelling out of choppers.. I really hate heights, don't know if it's phobic, but I did it to overcome my personal fears. You don't know how much I missed you last night!!!!!!!! If you wanted to punish me for some imagined misdeed. I was punished!!!! I suppose the only thing worse would be using the Iron Maiden against me. How are you????? Don't you know by now that I am completely nuts over you????. That any sudden change I perceive with you....sets my concern level jumping off the scale. TODO MI AMOR MI DULCE MIEL DE ABEJA Deborah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jeff