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As for the eggs: Small eggs can be found at some markets--they are standardized weights for small to jumbo. Whether or not your market carries them is a different story. But if you have a scale, you can work it out. Extra-large eggs average 65 grams each. Therefore, for the original recipe, 65 g X 3 eggs = 195 g. For one cake, you would need 97.5 grams of egg. When measuring like this, I whirl the eggs with a stick blender because it combines the egg and white best (otherwise, it is gloppy and makes difficult pouring and measuring). Welcome to my world as a recipe tester and developer!
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If lievito is single-acting baking powder, the substitute would be 2/3 cream of tartar and 1/3 baking soda. One of the challenges of being a cookbook writer is to put aside your heightened level of professionalism, remember what it was like when you first started baking, and to make a recipe that will actually be cooked by someone. I recently edited a recipe that called for 100 mini-madeleine pans. First of all, who needs a hundred mini-madeleines? And the recipe said that they were best served the day they were baked! Not very practical. I wonder how many people actually baked Dario's Olive Oil Cake. As an editor, I would have changed the title to Cakes, so the reader knows that they will have two cakes from the get-go.
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Aug 31, 2010