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1) Can your legions of fans follow the split times & results online anywhere? 2) Big, huge, enormous house-warming party. Someday. We can wait.
This makes me want to redesign my house with open plan rooms and huge windows. And storage. Lots of storage. And bookcases. Lots of bookcases.
Was a genius, I guess. But lovely buildings.
I don't usually like modern architecture but Mies van der Rohe is a genius. I was sitting in Chicago's Federal Plaza [] writing down notes. I looked around. Big deal. Black boxy buildings. Lump of metal in the middle (Calder's Flamingo). After a few minutes I realized how peaceful I felt. The proportions? The space? The sightlines? No idea, but the design was brilliant.
My first thought when I see those corner turrets? I wanna build that with LEGO bricks.
re Night: I don't think I'm ready to read and comprehend history at that level.
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No, the US is not very bike friendly. My husband repeatedly has drivers yelling at him to, "Get back on the sidewalk.", which is illegal. Do you wear a visibility vest? This appears to cut down on the yelling. As well as making you more visible.
Toggle Commented Aug 5, 2014 on Karlskirche at The Blithe Traveler
I think it would be a hoot to be immortalized as a rubber duckie, or LEGO mini-fig, or have my horse made into a Breyer model. Is my pop culture showing?
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So, signs in English. Other languages, such as Nepalese?
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@Rose. So, not Thoroughbreds?
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Take as many posts as you want. This trip is amazing. Good on the little ones for keeping up. I couldn't.
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Equines. Steps. Corners. Mind. Blown.
Doesn't DS say somewhere that family has stopped telling him things b/c they don't want to end up in a comedy routine? Tried MTPOD on the recommendation of a family member. Just did not send me. Clearly I am not Good Reads material.
Nonsense! It's all about the medals! And the ribbons! And the stuff! Yes, I are 12. Or perhaps 4.
Toggle Commented Apr 8, 2014 on Wien Energie and Prague at The Blithe Traveler
While the floodlit Acropolis photo is beyond gorgeous, as a reader, I often enjoy the random street scenes more. 'Oh, so that's what it would look like if I were walking along on a rainy afternoon in Greece.'
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Sorry. I loathe this book. It represents everything that was wrong with the English department at my college. Scarred? Moi?
Very art deco. Zebras be fairly art deco to begin with.
Toggle Commented Feb 28, 2014 on Totsiens Suid-Afrika at The Blithe Traveler
"another step in raising children who are highly aware of the broader issues in the world,..." Don't forget raising readers who are now more aware of the world.
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So the beefcake shot was to jazz up what you thought of as an unexciting post? OTOH with the weather lately, the beach & blue sky shots are riveting.
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I get twitchy just looking at the ladder picture. Eeek.
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