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They should roll this out in North Dakota where flaring is rampant. More importantly, if this turns out to be cheaper per MMBTU than exporting LNG, then why not use all that excess shale gas toward developing this gasoline derived from the DME pathway? It would help offset imports of petroleum (2/3 of all petroleum consumption goes toward transportation fuels anyway)!
Why export LNG when you can produce efined products such as these (methanol, DME, GTL, etc.)? Chenieri's liquefaction plant will cost at least $6.5 Billion while this will supposedly cost $1.3B. I'd be interested to know which one is more profitable per MMBtu of natural gas input...
Too little, too late... if the Administration had focused on natural gas vehicles instead of Solyndra when it came to power in 2009 we could have actually made a dent in Oil consumption... I don't understand the idiotic obession with Solar/Wind energy: the won't reduce US importation of Middle East oil, which should be the #1 energy priority!!!
One Shining Moment use to be good... they ruined it with J. Hudshon... the 1987-1993 version was classic, especially when they opened with the prelude "Golden Street"... now it's a stupid music video...
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Dec 18, 2009