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Fascinating Deb, Thank you. Wool auctions have changed somewhat: But they were *very* fast even then.
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Deb, I don't think you are poaching the use of terroir - it seemed natural to me and so I went to wikipedia : "Un terroir désigne une région naturelle considérée comme homogène à travers les ressources et productions qu'il est susceptible d’apporter, notamment - mais pas uniquement - par sa spécialisation agricole." Roughly (and badly). A 'terroir' is a geographic [not political] region which is is considered to produce a homogenous type of resource, notably - but not uniquely - agrictural resource. So wool fits squarely into that. The wine brigade have adopted the term for wine and moved it into American, but I think its reasonable and correct to extend it to its original use. The whole of that article in fr.wikipedia, although a little bit pompous, feels very relevant (IMO) to landrace breeds. Google doesn't translate it all that well, but it gives you a feel for it. Of particular interest to me the importance of cultural input as well as the physical geography. Doesn't that almost define a landrace breed and its output?
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Feb 8, 2014