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Looking at these photos of plain clothed officers ,anyone ever think that maybe they (police) ,seeing the protest was a peacefull one , wanting to justify the G20 expence etc...may have burnt their own vehicles . The bubble blowing protester should sue that so called officer of the peace , notice the female officer in the video seemed amused smiling , you can see by the look on her face this female officer was more alarmed and embarased by the aggression demonstrated by officer bubbles towards a peacefull protester ,what a useless waste of taxpayers money he is.The you tube video demonstrates clearly officer bubbles was power tripping and as a taxpayer paying his salary, think we don"t need fools like this protecting our citizens, Toronto wake up , with idiots like this in the police services, crime is on the up and up , you need brains to solve crimes any bully can be a useless cop ! Police services is a joke in Hogtown , police investigating police does not work the system is corrupt and in need real change .
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Nov 13, 2010