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Thank you also for the postscript; very interesting to hear how the reagents were done. Could we have more on this? What was the after-effect, and why? Also what sort of machinery is the BL intending to get that will help? I think there is a blog post on this, all by itself!
Very interesting to see that Syriac martyrdom text - thank you (not that I have anything against Zoroaster! that material is useful to have as well!)
Thank you so much for this post. It is delightful to see a photo of Add. 12150 -- I was holding it in my hands a couple of weeks ago, looking at chapter divisions for an article that I am working on. Is there any way that this treasure of a manuscript could be placed online? Why should the Greek manuscripts get all the limelight?! It is also nice to see the material about the Prose Refutations. Years ago I scanned Mitchell's translation for the web, and noted his sad death. It is fascinating to see the manuscript, and the zoomed-in photo of the palimpsest text! And, although Manichaean material is not specifically my interest, the Chinese items looked interesting too! I've blogged about this at my own blog: Please do more on Syriac materials. There is considerable interest in them online, and of course the BL holds so many rare and special items for Syriac studies!
Error in cell C232 and C233 - try clicking on the link. Should be But somehow is Harley 5.
This is exactly what we want to see! Thank you. The format is ideal too; everyone can work with an Excel spreadsheet. Feel free to add extra columns. Some of us know SQL.
This is good news. Mark is quite right that the whole system is in a mess, and no-one any longer has any idea what the legal position is. The answer may be to stop forcing freelancers to incorporate, when they don't want to and don't need to. We shouldn't be forcing them to keep cabinets full of paper for the government, to buy insurance in case they are dragged into court, nor should we be clogging HMRC with these cases which are all tiny amounts to the government but ruinous to those affected. Get rid of the evil whereby people who can never claim any benefits pay double "national insurance", thereby preventing them saving for their old age. Let people trade! Just get out of the way and let ordinary people go about enriching the community and themselves. Don't make it a series of special castes and grades; that just deters people from trading. Get rid of the 24 month rule -- people should not be forced to leave jobs because the goovernment is going to tax the hotels they stay in, and this happens regularly.
Toggle Commented Mar 31, 2010 on Freeing freelancers at CentreRight
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