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Dear David: As has happened so often in the past with your blog, there are dozens of relevant lessons in your post and the comments. I really appreciate the perspectives and questions you've brought up. I'm curious, though... I'm fascinated by the momentum, passion, and strength in your blog post. So, I have to ask; was this an "easy" or a "hard" post to write? Was the first draft substantially different from the published post? Did you substantially edit it? Anything you'd like to share about the process, from "I've got to write about this!" to the final version? Thanks for, once again, informing, motivating, and inspiring by example. Roger C. Parker
Dear Amanda: I was really impressed by your thought-provoking post highlighting the importance of establishing a balance between acting on a good idea and delays due to endless (and obsessive) self-editing. Your post reminds me of that saying, "You only get one chance to make a first impression!" Thanks for sparking a great conversation. (BTW, I'm off to "proposition the high school English teacher," as Judith suggested. g) Roger
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Sep 29, 2010