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Serious British omissions from the list include Philip Larkin, Ted Hughes and the author(s) of Beowulf . From mainland Europe and also unmentioned so far, are Schiller, Mandelstam and the author(s) of the Kaleva (whose rhyming scheme Longfellow borrowed, unacknowledged, for Hiawatha). My own top ten list would contain at least twenty-five poets!
> 6. John Donne Pronounced "Dunn", in case you do not know (and still said that way even if you do).
Thanks for that, Mike. Two ideas in it resonate with me -- freeing ourselves of the "almosts" and separating out the the record shots, etc. from artistic work. We put such pressure on ourselves with our mental categories. Ideas like this are liberating because we then give ourselves permission to work otherwise from how we saw things previously. Roger
>> "Wiv wot?" > The D800. Thanks. Very nice result. Roger
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> Taken this morning Wiv wot?
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Enjoy your lacuna.
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