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I would also point out that this isn't simply a problem of all these geeks choosing to live in SF rather than further south. This isn't the cause, this is the effect of San Francisco being the second most densely populated city in the country next to New York. Its not that people chose to live in the city in spite of their job being in the valley. People were *already* living in the city, and the job is what chose to locate where the people aren't.
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"'The elite's mass transit' versus 'underfunded Caltrain.'" Serioiusly? This is the most bizarre and unexpected conclusion I could possibly imagine coming from this data. It looks to me like these private companies are (rightly) paying the price for locating in and contributing to suburban sprawl, rather than favoring the more economically and environmentally efficient notion of operating within a densely populated urban employment center. If the entire public were paying for this instead, say through Caltrain funding as you seem to favor, the public would effectively be subsidizing and *encouraging* private companies to locate themselves in burdensome locations that encourage more highway congestion and require even more wasteful public spending on transit and highway infrastructure. I don't think this is the future at all. In fact, I think we are quickly approaching the upper bound of what can be tolerated in terms of sprawl. Why should i, as a public citizen, be subsidizing the most inefficient model for how and where people live and work? Shouldn't we be subsidizing the more efficient option instead?
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Jan 3, 2013