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Stephen Rohaty
I am my own man.
Interests: Many, beginning with SURVIVAL.
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Has obama given them American citizenship yet?
Is this the same fbi that found no evidence to connect the Ft. Hood murders to a standard mohammadan massacre of infidels?
Ah,but their imams do sing real pretty. obama said so. So nothing else they do, or instigate, matters.
Toggle Commented Jan 19, 2013 on Obama's deadly delusions #savage at Atlas Shrugs
Pamela, is it true that salafis flaunt their mohammadanism, that they brag about their practices and intentions? It seems that a salafist on a stage with you would benefit you greatly. His benefit would be to address a larger audience.
The law of sharia is nothing more than vigilante law. That is, a small group of people interpret a situation from their own point of view and exact an emotionally driven penalty on the victim. Here, many mohammadan "scholars" condemn this shooting. So what? The opinion of the man with the gun, no matter how stupid and narrowminded he is, overrides his betters.
Ms. Geller, "Hew to the line; let the chips fall where they may".
It is NOT slander if the statement is true. AND, by Western, CIVILIZED law, one CANNOT slander the dead. You'd think this president, pro tem, would know this.
Her tweet should say, ProudRAPEDSavage, raped by the savages she defends. Worst case of Stockholm Syndrome I EVER saw!
Why not, jokerman? Students are already taught that the Creation stories of Buddhists, Christians, Chinese, etc., must be given weight equal to Darwin's theory. Personally, I have severe doubts about the Chinese Mud Turtle theory.
What is wrong with everyone is that most of them realize they have nothing worth saying. So they only feel relief when they're ordered to not say it.
Threatening excommunication or a spiritual punishment to the soul is religious. Threatening to kill someone is purely political.
Pamela, email a copy of this transcript to Daisy Khan and Huma Abedin as an original, not a forward, unsigned, from one of your business computers. IF the FBI question you, tell them that, in your expert opinion, it was meant for them originally, but called in to the wrong number and remind the FBI that, in THEIR expert opinion, it doesn't break any laws.
Guards are a sinful waste of mohammadan money. Their sole purpose is to seek to thwart the will of allah. They cannot extend the life of their client one second beyond what allah wills. Bodyguards are one more example of the difference between what mohammadans say they believe and what they practice, by the beard of the prophet.
But is it OK to praise mohammad's Christian wife, the one who poisoned him? Will there be any repercussions in the mohammadan world if we nominate her for Sainthood?
AND enforce the laws that already exist! When cars park illegally near mosques, tag and tow them, EVERY time. If necessary, send armed guards with the tow trucks. The fines will more than cover the expense.
This is just as it was in the FORMER Republic of South Vietnam. American politicians start these wars, get huge donations from the war material suppliers, and penalize the soldiers who try to stop these wars by actually winning them.
Debi Brand, in Vietnam, the Army ADMITS that their own troops killed 1,200 officers. Rolling a fragmentation hand grenade under the sleeping officer's bunk was called "fragging". But it took massive action on the homefront to stop that insane war, to stop our good soldiers being killed for nothing. By "good", I don't mean those 1,200 officers, I mean the troops who were forced to kill them to protect their own lives.
When the mohammadans went outside for their public prayer, they should have been followed by some parents, to ostentatiously make the sign of the Cross over them and announce that the prayers to the moon god ali have now been blessed by, and diverted to, God the Father.
Where have you been, Lou? In Western businesses, in America, mohammadans DO refuse to even touch certain merchandise because they are members of the ali moon god political system.
This is blatantly an attempt to restrict Free Trade and should be reported to the Feds as such. As mohammadan businesses comply, trade at the American businesses should increase, allowing them to give mohammadans discounts on alcohol, pork, pornography, and all the other trade goods so cherished by mohammadans throughout the world.
So, once again, a self-serving judge blames the police, this time for not properly securing evidence. And the stupid coppers take it!
Trying to swallow a 100,000 ton glass of water shall surely create a more modern iranian saying.
Watch obama's face at the end. It changed from a tolerant smile one might give a heckler to a more thoughtful expression.
Haniyeh, the will of the Israeli military carries considerably MORE weight than the will of allah.
The one thing needed to make this a perfect outrage is to discover that this fool used one of eric holder's guns.