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Interests: mountain biking, road biking, bike building and maintenance, trail building and maintenance, sailing, soccer, and hanging with the kids
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Well, I, for one, laughed my ass off when I saw that article. Not one to pay much attention to ads, that one caught my eye as being out of place until I read the text. Message very clear - ride our bikes and sport some wood. Are you telling me you can't relate? Titus makes a fantastic FS. One of the few companies to recognize that the Horst link sus is worth throwing a few bucks to Specialized to get that sweet 4-bar performance. The sexual references are far more common in Europe than in our prudish culture. Look at the latest from Castelli - "just one kiss and you'll fall in love" - shows a close up of two nekkid lovers sucking face. It didn't make me want to go out an buy their stuff but, hey, if it works over there...
Toggle Commented Aug 28, 2006 on Titus's new marketing campaign at Go Clipless
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Johan - would love to see those maps. Graham, any way we can post them here for people to see? As for linking Folkstone through to Glade, that's what Randy Kerr and I were looking at doing. The link to CCT is actually pretty fun...did it today from my place to Glade to CCT south to Jermantown Rd. (Awesome trail!) The biggest challenge I see to getting more interest is the lack of a loop that would include Folkstone. From the CCT side, I wouldn't bother with Folkstone, but would use FMDP as a lollipop and come back either up Soapstone or direct to Glade. What I think would be a great project would be connecting FMDP from the south, to the south of Stuart Mill Rd and over to the CCT somewhere between Lawyers and Vale. Maybe someday... BTW, the county recently renamed FMDP, Fred Crabtree Park. Makes me wanna ride it even more!
Toggle Commented Aug 28, 2006 on Trail Review: Fox Mill District Park at Go Clipless
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I'm glad to see so much interest in the FMDP trails. I started a dialog a couple years ago with Scott Scudamore and Nancy DeVore from MORE to add this trail system to the list of parks that MORE maintains. Then we'd be able to get things like signs and trailwork. I mapped it out with my GPS and sent this through Nancy to the county. As I recall, the county had some concerns about the southern high trail being so close to private property. Other than that, I think it's just a matter of us reengaging this issue with the current folks at MORE. I guess maybe it's time to do just that. Might be a good idea to write a note to both MORE and FCPA to let them know you use the trails and want to help with signage and trailwork. Every little bit helps!
Toggle Commented Aug 21, 2006 on Trail Review: Fox Mill District Park at Go Clipless
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