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Chuck, I agree wholehearted with the idea of a separate, independent CDO. Let me just add one more responsibility/reason to have this post separated from everyone else, and also to extend his responsibilities a bit beyond that of technology. If you have read Sam L. Savage's book 'The Flaw of Averages' he brought up the idea of the Chief Probability Officer. The CPO is responsible for providing the models and simulations used by the organisation with correct probabilities. As getting real or realistic probabilities requires correct and properly managed data. The CDO in my view would be responsible not only for the technical parts, databases, feeds, access, but also for the "meta" and the culture of the data. What kind of data to use in which case. The CDO should slap the wrist of the budget committee if they try to build the budget based on estimated averages, or stamp out the use of modelling softwares where, for example, the housing price can't go down only up.
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Jul 28, 2013