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I'm not a Facebook fan, far from it. But I think there is more about Facebook Reality Labs than the Quest and the latest user numbers. I think Facebook is taking a long term perspective here. They don't care too much about VR in the next quarter or the next year. They are building for a future ten years away. That future will not be the Quest, but some fancy glasses full of AR/VR/AI technology. There will be smart Facebook glasses next year, and that will just be one step into the direction of real AR glasses. The main thing about these glasses is that they will allow for creating living dat structures from the point of view (literally) of the user. These structures together with hardware innovations will allow the building of a digital virtual assistent. Maybe that the AR-project (which builds on a lot of the VR stuff they do) will fail too, but even that is not too important, because they'll learn a lot about human behavior and AI while doing all this stuff, and that knowledge will find its way into other Facebook projects.
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Sep 19, 2020