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Hey Herb, I could not have said it better, except that now, Mary has to put up with the jerks, except for Jim G. as he is intelligent and good at what he does. Now, does anyone know what is going on with "O"? The noon show died ages ago and now we get "Your Money". How stupid is that? It is agriculture and business---that is what we want to hear like for all of the years since Orion has been on this station. I am glad to hear that King John, Steve B. and Leslie are going to be together. They are quite the team. And now, Andrea; I can listen to her more often. I would try to catch traffic and news just to hear them; no I just have to find Mary Jim in the mornings.
Thank you, Spike, for speaking your peace! Somehow, I think you knew that Roy was correct about the changing winds at WGN. I do wonder if management thinks this is good for business because we are talking about how horrid the odor of the airwaves is during Jarrett and Laski times. I confess I only listen to Dave on sports and O in the business report (NOT YOUR MONEY--how stupid?) when King John is on, Andrea, Leslie and Mary. When their times are not on, my radio is off. I retired to listen to good stuff on the radio. If I wanted crud, I could listen to the crud in the Quad Cities.
Talk about your basic eyesore. But, they need money to pay those sorry big ticket players who no longer produce: Soriano, Z, Ramirez, Lee, to name a few. The players are responsible for the failures, period. Management and coaches cannot do player jobs. Fewer fans are going to the park, so, guess what? There will be more signs.
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Jun 13, 2010