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Funny thing about our fans here... If Vick was on the Bills or some other bullshit team, we'd be calling to bring him here because he's a pretty good fit to Chip's offense considering what's out there. This is a new scheme - which mean's it's essentially a new team. Don't be such fucking cocksuckers you idiots- give it a chance before you call for the coach's goddamn head.
Vandit is an obsessed white trash hockey fan. He probably drives his 1997 Ford F-150 to Wells Fargo while blaring slipknot out the windows. He also rocks Jean Shorts (that go down to his ankles) even if it's 20 below zero outside. He's overweight, and personal hygiene is an after thought since he wants his hair to be greasy like Leclair during the 90s. Vandit is everything wrong with Flyers Fans. Hockey fans like him remind me of the scum of Delco combined with psycho volunteers that work at firehouses. You know what I mean - not actual firemen - real firemen I have the utmost respect for. I'm talking about the fat socially awkward volunteers with the blue lights on their beat-up trucks and the pagers from 1984 attached to their hip at all times. Ever talk to one of these dudes before? Jesus Christ - within 5 minutes they'll remind you 20 times they're a volunteer at some firehouse. That my friends is a basic summary of your socially awkward/overly obsessed flyers fan.
After seeing this story I clicked the "comments" section with an excited smile to see the absurd comments posted. Sadly, none of them made me laugh. In fact, It's a goddamn dispute that soccer moms have about adoption - it's like's comments section - only more depleted and empty. CB a month ago would have had incredibly clever and funny comments about this story - now it's just a bunch of cornball softball responses. fuck this
video doesn't fucking load. thought i'd do the rest of this site's falling readership a benefit since the comments are all fucked now it took me forever to log-in to write this shit message fix the video... fuck
RIP Crossingboard. comments are dead - don't think I'll be visiting here nearly as much.
I think the trolls added substance and a fun light-hearted mentality to the site. I enjoyed the fun banter and overly-aggressive remarks. Ever been to - The city's major newspaper has just as many trolls as serious comments on their site. What makes Crossingbroad any more reputable or better than
Crickets in the comments since the update... utoh.
Some CB Celebs mayl now be ruined by having to sign in... Oh well, hopefully they'll reemerge. Candy from the oak? Where are you? Tim Sheckler? please stay away. Angelo?!?!
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Feb 4, 2013