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Ronald Clark
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Thank you Pastor Jomo for the articulate and calculated response to the overwelming onslaught of depravity that is being perpetuated on the urban youth of today. Lil' Wayne is the living enbodiment of Satan's plan to use words and the power of said to influence and distort what the original Logos had planned from the beginning of articulated speech. I applaud you for your stance and I look forward to reading the book after finding out about you via my frequent trips to Holy As a minister of the Lord Jesus Christ for over 20 years, my opinion is more books of this ilk should be distributed to counteract this amoral philosophy that you speak of in this book, especially toward our Urban sub-culture. God bless you, brother, and you will be in my prayers! Peace to you and all those who speak and write Truth, but in Love! :-D
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Jan 27, 2012