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I dont think this line of reasoning really works. If we're talking a minority(and it seems we are)then you have to ask why did subgroup x engage in bad behaviour while the rest didnt. The proper comparison then is to institutions like the Catholic Church which(1)probably attracted some people who were predisposed to abusive behaviour, and(2)had poor mechanisms/no real interest in punishing them for it. "The issue for many in Mary Beard's words is the assumption that disaster zones inevitably see a breakdown in social norms." Yes, and it's also the cliched understanding of the aid workers job, which is generally difficult and dangerous but not exactly an anarchy ridden apocalypse. "I don't know about this huffing and puffing over consensual sex." Am I missing something or is the main point of the outrage not the fact that they were making aid contingent on having sex with children? Beyond that, is there a difference between paying for sex in London and paying for sex in Haiti while youre being hired in a capacity meant to allieviate suffering? I think there probably is, but I dont know how to weight the difference.
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Feb 19, 2018