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Artist. Co-Creator of the Snowland Deck.
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My initial idea for this sketch was to show Snowland as an anachronism. Sort of having fun with the concept of the deck being used by an historical figure. Lincoln came to mind almost immediately. So, riffing on that possibility it seemed obvious to have him doing a 3-card spread concerning the Civil War and its outcome. The first card (Past) is Scrooge counting his money (4 Material aka 4 of Coins). A safe or file cabinet sits CHAINED behind him while carolers serenade outside his window. The second card (Present--1861, the beginning of the Civil War) shows two rams locked in a fight (2 Energy aka 2 of Wands). This card corresponds to the conflict that raged between North and South, brother against brother. The third card (Future) shows resolution of the long war: a peace is reached and future generations usher in a new age of hope as signified by the sunrise breaking through the clouds (10 Mental aka 10 of Swords). So if you can imagine Abraham Lincoln consulting the cards, who knows where the Snowland Deck may pop up next... :-)
Toggle Commented Oct 15, 2013 on Lincoln Consults the Tarot at Thematic Tarot
Thank you. :)
Toggle Commented Sep 24, 2013 on The World, The Future? at Thematic Tarot
Hi Lisa, My inspiration for this image was initially a concept someone holding a Tarot card that happened to be named The Future. And although there isn't an actual future card in a traditional deck, I was playing with the concept of an additional Major Arcana card and what it might mean. Being that the future is open-ended, I thought it would work well as a double image card (one side being positive or light and the inverted image representing a shadow meaning). So I imagined a girl or young woman enchanted by nature and the flip image of a young woman entranced by technology--actually being turned into a zombie. On the light side we see the Sun with rays piercing the clouds. In the shadow image, it's dark out and the only illumination is from the woman's handheld device and the search beams from the chopper. Light side: animal life (seagulls and crab). Shadow side: Surveillance helicopter and an android police officer with crab-like pincer hands. Also, the Big Brother eye in the Shadow image represents a substitute for the warm Sun in the Light image. The concept got me thinking that you could create a deck with Light/Shadow images that could tell more of a story. But no, I don't plan on painting the image. It's more or less just a rough sketch for this blog. My idea was to blog only with drawings. I think in pictures first and words second, so more sketches will be offered in "THE FUTURE". :)
Toggle Commented Sep 14, 2013 on The World, The Future? at Thematic Tarot
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