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All passions have shown to be tending towards integration into one, eg, "Matthew's Passion" or "John's Passion". This is what shaped our Western culture, providing us with basic identity. Connecting with others is seeking, finding and following that basic passion and where it came from. I believe it is like confirmation, especially when it is independent: there is a thrill in independent confirmation of the sort that inspired Karl Popper to come up with his theory of falsification. As long as what we believe about the other or our environment, and ourselves, is challenged but not falsified, we can passionately hold and keep it as our Truth. This is especially true for intimate relationships. Almost thirty years ago, I believed that we all lived in our own world and were only connected through behavior. Now, I think we must always be connected to our significant other, by independent confirmation of the forms we recollect and construct, from the depths of our being to the utmost periphery, believing them to fit our one and common world intuitively yet precisely, until we realize our dream, or we realize our mistake.
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Jan 30, 2010