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There are other resurrection stories in history, but they are generally considered to be myths. There is no real evidence for them. The evidence for Jesus's resurrection is very different and the persecution of the early believers plays a large role in the evidence. The evidence of first century persecution of early believers is consistent between the Book of Acts, the writings of Paul and several sources from secular history - such as Pliny the Younger and Tacitus. There is no question early believers were persecuted for their beliefs. Believers were taught to expect persecution because the disciples and early church experienced it from the very beginning. The fact Paul experienced repeated beatings, persecutions and arrests can only be explained by the fact he saw the risen Jesus on the road to Damascus. Seeing the risen Christ had the same effect on James, Peter, Mark and many others who knew Christ personally. This evidence is unique in human history. You cannot find any other example of a group of friends who were willing to suffer and die because they would not stop talking about their friend who rose from the dead. Look for me on Twitter.
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Apr 1, 2013