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Ron Drummond
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I sent Mr. Crowley the URL for your weblog and he sent this comment: "I didn't live there, only looked into the precincts. Never entered the place (I don't even know if they rented rooms, actually). The picture is of what I remember ca. 1969 though the trees have grown. Congratulations to the mistress of the Staircase on her nice digs." -- John Crowley, 4/11/07
A wonderful coincidence indeed! It makes me wonder if Smoky's city room was one the author also lived in, or only visited. I'll send him a link to your blog; perhaps he'll say. I'm the publisher of a museum-quality 25th anniversary edition of Little, Big that is currently in production and due out in September. I recently received an exclusive 11,000-word essay from Harold Bloom that will be published as the book's Afterword. You can read about the edition here: I hope the rest of Little, Big proves to be as magical for you as its opening pages. Best Wishes, Ron Drummond