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Ron Moses
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Hmmm... I'm not seeing Spaced anywhere in NF streaming, what am I missing? I searched on Simon Pegg as well. On a separate topic, am I the only one who gets excited when he sees something he's interested in added to streaming, only to have that excitement deflated the moment he sees that Starz logo? The quality is always so awful. I'll be happy to see them go.
I've found one title, Make-Out With Violence, that will actually hose a Roku's ability to display the Instant Queue in the Netflix channel. Boy, was that a freakin' needle in a haystack!
I was hoping maybe they were rolling back the god-awful site redesign. Guess not. :(
So I can't even look at the site to see what they're about, or maybe read a FAQ, without giving them my email address and creating an account? No thanks.
I love my Roku, and I've been very supportive of all the company's efforts, but I really wish they'd stop wasting time with games. The system's not built for it, the remote is *definitely* not built for it. There are maybe two Roku games that are at all entertaining (I'm being generous); both are ultra-simplistic, and frankly it's more convenient to play some equivalent game on my phone. I have yet to see a Roku game worth turning on my TV for. They should stick to what they do well, which is streaming audio/video content, and leave the gaming to the consoles. Use the development time to improve the god-awful Netflix interface instead.
I've been having this problem a few times a week, and I'm intrigued by the suggestion that it may be related to Feedfliks, as I do have that app enabled. I've just disabled it, and we'll see what happens.
I'd be happy just to have a button that lets me sort the list alphabetically. That alone would save me an enormous amount of time.
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May 24, 2011