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Even if he accepts the deal, he MUST tell the truth surrounding the events and IF the prosecuting office feels he is not telling the truth, it can be revoked. Of course, he may tell the truth to get the light sentence and then deny it (i.e. using the Gay panic defense) later to save face. If he gets away with such a short sentence, it'll be a damn shame. The Prosecutor did a horrible job, IMMO.
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Oh man, I hate to say it, while she may be 100% female, I wouldn't doubt she was doped up on testosterone by the coach. Only question: did she know it?
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Obama is effectively killing any chance at a 2nd term. He's backpedaled, obfuscated and outright lied to his most loyal voters. He better satisfy those that came out and voted for him or they/we will be sitting home November 2012. Hell, 2010 may be the actual end of Obama.
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