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Ron Mexico
Hater of the Year... every year.
Interests: der hate
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how the eff is kat stacks beating tiny?
fuck a +2! that's 3 points! moving sideways for the win!!! i mean, fuck... i didn't even need to blog. that's it right chea.
Toggle Commented Sep 22, 2010 on Return of the King at Ron Mexico City
hey daniel, thanks for the love and feedback. i'm glad i touched all of the bases for you. julie's been back for a few weeks now. we might have to miss her from time to time, but that's cool. folks got shit to do. totally understandable. good luck in the navy, and thanks for your willingness to serve. ...and i'm glad you like the new design. i'm lovin it, if i do say so my damn self.
Toggle Commented Sep 22, 2010 on Return of the King at Ron Mexico City
i mean, ghetto is the only way i know!
Toggle Commented Aug 27, 2010 on Drink the Haterade! at Ron Mexico City
ci, i think the melo discussion on the table is more about the swirling trade possibilities. hence "it's up to donnie walsh to take it." i think gil is endorsing aggressive pursuit via trade. and from the outside looking in one might have thought the knicks did everything for lebron, but that's what happens when we watch too much ESPN. prince james aside, the knicks did exactly what they needed to do for their freedom. was lebron the top prize in 2010? sure. but several teams were going for him. the important thing is that knicks now control their own destiny, something that hasn't been the case since the patrick ewing trade. this is what donnie walsh preached the entire time, despite the lebron/NY media circus that surrounded him. in the face of such fuckery, walsh accomplished his primary goal and the team is rebuilding effectively. lebron didn't come. his signing with the knicks (or any other team for that matter) was far from a given. that's a non-issue. it's kind of like losing a ton of weight. some might look at the person's weight loss like, look at that. (s)he lost 50 pounds and still ain't find no boyfriend/girlfriend... when the person who lost the weight is like, "i needed to get healthier."
Toggle Commented Aug 22, 2010 on Becoming Melo-dramatic at The Proud Franchise
thank you. we are indeed haters, the best in the business. tell a friend, bitch. and as for dickriding... who's on a strange blog defending his man crush from a little criticism and rookie razzing? we didn't even shit on him. just because you spend evenings jack knoff to his coif doesn't mean everything you read about him should be glowing. syracuse fans, i tell you. i bet this dude thinks g-mac should be in the NBA too. since mr. meat beat opened the can of worms, we should talk about rautins' game a bit. we'll give him some time before writing him off, which didn't happen in this piece, but i also fully expect this kid to put up some jumpers and get his ankles cracked left and right trying to defend either guard position.
Toggle Commented Aug 21, 2010 on Knicks Sign Andy Rautins at The Proud Franchise
black aristocrat, obviously we agree on your points. i think we don't talk enough about the homie factor. like, homies is homies and all, but they can't be a part of your business if they don't bring anything to the table. hammer can attest to as much. you don't need ALL of oakland doing the fucking running man behind you on stage. keep spade haircut dude... a couple others. otherwise, people need to truly assess human assets and liabilities. look out for the homies to the extent you can help and all, but fuck the rest. two people can't share a cloak. they both freeze and die.
Toggle Commented Aug 14, 2010 on Slo'Down, baby! at Ron Mexico City
moving sideways & cbw, i didn't think he could talk either. he would have needed such an interpreter in the chickenhead days. now apparently he's got something worth talking through the mask for.
Toggle Commented Aug 14, 2010 on Slo'Down, baby! at Ron Mexico City
lowe & evild, man, the notion of a ho-ass weed carrier tell-all would be just the kind of thing ho-ass niggas of today would be interested in. the only problem is that it would be a book. these niggas won't have the patience or mental capacity to deal with it if it's not a worldstar clip. good idea, but tough sell. the ladies won't give enough of a fuck if it's not wondercheeks, to whom they can compare themselves and feel superior.
Toggle Commented Aug 14, 2010 on Slo'Down, baby! at Ron Mexico City
word, right?! if the nba was mulling the shit over, i would have thought the ncaa would have swooped in with a "hell-the-fuck-no."
daniel, i am well aware of how often celebrities end up in power. that's not the issue here. wyclef is a moron, and possibly the devil. the man has zero qualification, preparation, education, competence or anything. as much as i hated the man, reagan was a career politician before becoming president. schwarzenegger is a better example for your point due to his being unproven and elected based primarily on the basis of celebrity. he's actually doing a good job in california for the most part, but electing unknown unproven people to posts as high as governor and head of state is never wise. it just happens to be working out in california. i doubt haiti would be so lucky with 'clef. the situation is also pretty different there. incompetence here in the US leads to impeachment, or other officials picking up the slack. incompetence in haiti right now will directly lead to much more death. ...and i got your email. that is a lot to process. i saw a few of those already, but will holler back at you on 'em.
Toggle Commented Aug 12, 2010 on Why 'Clef for President? at Ron Mexico City
i actually like some of their music. will always like "ride with me." and i actually like "country grammar." i even think ali and murphy got skills. i thought "boughetto" was silly, buy enjoyably so. i think the silliness of their presentation took away from their abilities. i still have yet to figure out what slo'down has done to be worthy of MORE money. that's to say he was actually paid to do some of that buffoonery! niggas think shuckin and jivin is worth somethin. and you got the basis of communism right. every man sharing resources equally regardless of perceived value of contributions. the notion that everyone is invaluable. sheeeit. some niggas need not eat if they do not work.
Toggle Commented Aug 11, 2010 on Slo'Down, baby! at Ron Mexico City
hahahahahahaa! hilarious, mickey. "alright. vinne i want YOU to take this RAID over to the weak side... marky mark, i want you to post up in this roach motel... NATE! get over here! pay attention, man! i need your head in the game..."
Toggle Commented Aug 10, 2010 on Yet Another MSG Fast One at The Proud Franchise
hey ci, i think the story is wonderful. it's the front page presentation that i find ridiculous. i also take issue with the comment section trolls who give human beings a bad name. challenge is probably not the right word for abdullah's religious practice. it's a choice. it's a challenging choice. hahaha. i mean, it's got to be difficult. from what i understand of ramadan, it's got to be quite the sacrifice and commitment under any circumstances, let alone being a professional athlete. however, i can imagine it is to be done with joy and out of appreciation for allah in an effort to get closer to him. this speaks volumes of abdullah's relationship with and devotion to his creator. i think it's fantastic. the amurrrca these so-called christians who dare badger and insult adbullah love so much would be a better place if they had a shred of his devotion to the love and peace of our friend mr. jesus' teachings.
i'm with YOU, gil! what the FUCK is dolan thinking?! understated still is the notion that snaking your president of ops like this is going to create more of that hostility and dysfunction at the top that trickles down onto the court. it won't matter what kind of players we have if the front office is in complete shambles. i don't know about you guys, but i know what it's like to work for shitty bosses. it fucks up the entire workplace. i know isiah is just a consultant at this point, but FUCK! we know damn well only jimmy wanted this man back. why bring back a man who has shamed us so much?! how does that make us look? and you wonder why no one REALLY wants to play for our team. to answer your question, if i were walsh, i'd take the "health concerns" back door. but, i hope in my heart of hearts that zeke really keeps his distance and that his hiring only means that he'll be saying ridiculous shit to jimmy over their private hotline, same as it ever was.
and yahhhhh, the good ol' boys are definitely hard at work on yahoo!
for real though, lowe! i only semi-fucks with wojo. i loved his chris paul to the darkside piece. sometimes i read his shit and feel like we're of kindred spirit. other times i see the musings of a raging douchebag and maxi-pad container. he's not consistent enough at either for me to categorize him properly. i guess that's a condemnation unto itself.
it'll just be isiah and the cockroaches when the nuclear holocaust goes down.
Toggle Commented Aug 10, 2010 on Yet Another MSG Fast One at The Proud Franchise
"--the myspace of search engines." i've never heard that one before. i like it!
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