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San Francisco, CA
Ever in search of myself because I tend to get lost...
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I'm so tired of the constant whining from an a very vocal and obnoxious minority among the ranks of Netflix subscribers. I've always thought that Netflix is good value for the money and even with the recent price increases this still holds true.
BP might come across as a bit acerbic but honestly how many times must someone check into the comments here and see yet another reader complaining about "new releases" or "HD streaming" rather than calling Netflix and really getting their opinions heard.
@BP What are the top three rental services you mentioned?
This brings tears of joy to my eyes. BB really went out of their way to earn my ire back when I was a customer.
The only part of the community features I will miss are the lists. It was a great alternative way of viewing the catalog. A poster several pages back questioned why there's such a hostile response to the "2%ers" on this site and Ning. T he answer is that the hostility was earned. Right after the initial announcement a small and vocal group of subscribers unloaded the most bilious amount of hyperbole on the Netflix blog, here at HackingNetflix and on the Netflix Ning forums. To add injury to insult, they started a campaign to pollute the movie pages on Netflix with fake reviews further alienating and annoying even those of the "98%ers" who were initially sympathetic. I was one member who initially had some small amount of sympathy for those who cared deeply about the community features. That goodwill was burnt out of my system within a few hours of the announcement on the Netflix blog. @Clark B: On the topic of Profiles your ignorance is showing. Stop digging while you can still see a glimmer of sunlight overhead. I still have multiple profiles from back when I used them to maximize the use of my queue and as of a minute ago it's still possible to create a new profile.
Two queues never bothered me. I'd rather have the 500 item limit removed. I've been hitting the queue limit since the 2nd day I joined back in 2000.
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Aug 29, 2010
Not even close to enough. @Tomguy: Close your /b tag
Getting extremely tired of flagging these none-reviews. Leave Netflix already and stop cluttering up the review pages with your nonsense.
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Jan 22, 2010