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1) I think it's extremely interesting how an artist like Alison Jackson can have such an almost scientific approach to her artworks. She looks at society's absurd curiosity of celebrities much like a sociologist would and is able to gather results and findings that could be used as evidence in a similar manner. Contemporary can also create a great deal of influence on society without society being fully aware of it, such as the case of her non-truth advertising. In her non-truth advertisement she was able to change people perception of reality when it came to the celebrity she faked since the people trust mass media so dearly. 2) Video media, hands down, because if it was done effectively it would be the most convincing! in print media we can easily become skeptical and say 'that didn't happen!' or 'the author doesn't know what he's saying.' to a degree the same thing can be said to a visual photo, but a visual has the benefit of not just fooling the mind but also the eyes, a highly trusted instrument of the body. With a video we see even more, more angles and more people often times. We also would be more likely to trust the video source since it simply 'feels natural.' if the impostor acted, talked, and walked like the real person one would have to think it must be the person it is depicting.
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Oct 19, 2010