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I've shared this on FB, if that's okay by you.
Thank you, Tim - this gave me something to chew on. I need to twist my new novel around, and you gave me a turntable!!
Brilliant, Tim. You can really do it. Kept me there to the end, an it did end like people should read what you write.
Toggle Commented Mar 8, 2013 on Naked Dialog at What If You Could Not Fail
I loved this book, and am totally glad you showed it to me here. Very timely, too, as I'm at the editing point in my novel where every glance, every look, every nuanced gesture has to mean something. Gratitude, Tim.
This is so true. Nothing beats eyeball-to-eyeball contact, and nothing shows an author up more than not being prepared to spend time on fans. One either relies on one's reputation, taking sales for granted; or one builds a reputation for making real contact and bothering to acknowledge that without readers, we would have no work.
Tim - a brilliant writer, if a bit odd! And this is one quote of hers I do not remember, so thanks. Plus, one picture of hers I had not yet seen. A gifted short fiction writer.
Toggle Commented Dec 21, 2012 on Flannery O'Connor at What If You Could Not Fail
If you have any writing or editing experience at all, you will soon learn that advice of this sort is a touch outdated and not a little misguided. You can tell that what you are working on is the manuscript of a novice if they never use 'said'. You can find the word 'said' in all the one thousand books that make up the canon of literature in English. So what can we learn from that? You will also find really, very and just. The only valid observation one can make is that all these words are used well, in a timely way, with a great deal of confidence, and when no other word will do. When used advisedly, ALL words are valuable to writers.
Toggle Commented Mar 25, 2012 on Forget These Words at What If You Could Not Fail
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Mar 25, 2012