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Freddi is horrible..He takes out starters too soon when they're pitching and feeling good, pulls them too late when they're struggling. I think his g a y passion for Pinto should've had him canned at the end of last year!
By far the worst draft since the Wanstache days. Anybody who thinks otherwise is completely clueless and just love to believe the crap this organization spews to you every year. None of you morons that are backing Ireland up now have a friggin clue who any of our picks were this year. Instead of asking about peoples moms he should of been asking more football related questions. This draft has set us back ladies. Jared Oderick, HAHAHA thats funny!!
I was at the game and was very impressed overall. McGee actually looked pretty good to me. Got beat a couple times but was with his man most of the time, had a few pass breakups, almost had a great pick and was tackling very well ( stopping the run ), so i dont really know what your talking about when u say he would want to delete the Spring Game. The guy that was getting torched on a consistent basis was the walk-on #39.
Toggle Commented Mar 28, 2010 on Lot of scoring in UM Spring Game at Eye on the U
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I think Javarris James will get drafted and actually have a better pro career than he did at the U. He has amazing vision and cut back ability, can catch the ball out of the backfield and has decent speed... Manny i know you love to under estimate him but you'll see, just like i told you before the season that he would start when you were giving Cooper all the praise...By the way whats up with the 40 times. I heard Sam Shields ran a 4.27
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SI is reporting that Anderson has chosen the Canes...Is he a Corner or Safety?
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Arthur Brown leaves the U...Disappointed that he couldn't make it here..Wasn't given much of chance to play though so i guess u can say this is not a suprise.
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Rolle definitely seems disappointed and losing 3 big time local players to Lousville does not bode well. 2 of which are big needs (OL, DL) Hurtt, our ex-recruiting coordinator is wasting no time picking up while Shannon's slipping up. One more reason im very scared we will be losing many more NW players in the future to Lousville, Florida and FSU is because Rolle is disappointed with Shannon...Look at this quote from the article... "People assume the best players at Nothwestern go to Miami. And to me, thats how i believe it should be," Rolle said.
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damn...thats terrible
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I have to agree with nemo....and i've said it before myself..."excellent job recruiting talent to Miami" c'mon Manny, are we just throwing the word excellent around now? We haven't had an excellent recruit yet! Lets not kidd ourselves, the basketball team is garbage top to bottom all the way from the head coach down to our "excellent recruits"...Wake me up when spring football gets started!!
Toggle Commented Jan 22, 2010 on McDermott eager to make impact at Eye on the U
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Brighter future than our football team?? are u kidding me?? Is that because u believe the hype that Frank Haith is a great recruiter...The garbage that they feed us every year...Let me enlighten you guys real quick...If you're getting good recruits in basketball it shows that very same year...The big time players in college basketball are Freshman and Sophomores...Haith has been here awhile now and it's the same story every year...Rip through a soft as non-conference schedule and get ripped in conference..sometimes good enough to make it to the tournament and get rocked in the 1st round..Im sick of hearing about all these great recruits that never play or never live up to the hype..Theres a reason we're not on ESPN and local TV...Teams that are - actually have great recruits that ball as freshman and sophomores and go pro...but go ahead and feed into it when Manny or Shandel tell u about our next great recruit that ends up averaging 5 pts a game...good luck with the courtside blogs this year my friends..ill be back when football starts!!
Toggle Commented Jan 14, 2010 on Courtside blog: UM-Virginia Tech at Eye on the U
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Nesbitt as first team QB is a joke!
Toggle Commented Dec 1, 2009 on Four Canes land on ACC First Team at Eye on the U
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Pannunzio shouldn't be joking with anybody. I'll be suprised if he's still coaching here next year. I was suprised he made it to this year.
Shandel, why you throwing C-Mac under the bus? At least he was being honest. All the players care about the outcome of that game whether they admit it or not.
I was at the Clemson game and wasn't happy with the empty seats either, but i also think it had to do with the fact the Dolphins played there the very next day and these days people dont have the loot to attend both games so im guessing a majority attended the Fins game. This week however the Fins are playing away so i hope to see more than 30,000 tommorow...LETS DO IT CANE FANS, stop asking what channel the game is on and get your as out there...I'm a cat with a suspended license and livivng pay check to pay check so i dont wanna hear excuses!!
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my bad with the spelling today^^^ im sick of hearing stupid ish after 1 loss and im officially hot and typing
If we have a squad of 8 recievers that can start at any other program in the nation, then i see no problem with usung the pass to set up the run. It's our strength and teams that win play within their strengths. Who gives a ish waht some reporter thinks. Stick to the gameplan, we'll be just fine!!
i get your point much as he says theres competition everywhere, he does have his favorites - especially the NW kids
Gore was a 3rd stringer his true freshman year..starter every other year he was healthy...relax
sorry for putting game^^ in there, my bad
He was a freshman all-american game at weak side linebacker last lets go ahead and move him to the strong damn these idiotic coaching decisions get me pissed...good job Lovett!!!
I think they made a mistake. It should be Spence and Mcarthy not Sharpton.
I'll take JJ any day of the week over Coop when HEALTHY...There's no way Coop is 205 sorry but every college does this to hype up a player. If he were to go to the NFL combine this coming year, you would find out that he's 5'9 and 185lbs soaking wet!
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Good, now JJ will regain his starting spot which was taken from him while he was hurt and Coop can back him up. JJ, when healthy is by far the better all around back. Anyways it looks like we got quite a few nice RB's back there and they can all get more reps now!
I think it would be better to keep the likes of Robinson, Ojomo and Bailey in on 3rd downs. Really though, im so sick of teams converting 3rd downs on us like it's part of the gameplan.
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I know Randy and Co. were very happy when this kid signed. He flew under the radar during the recruiting process but has a chance to be one of the true bright spots of this class. He has that IT factor and i would love to see him at corner this upcoming season.
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