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the only problem i see with all the anesthesia is that it cant be how it is exactly when you die. first of all anesthesia puts your brain to sleep which basicly just makes you fall asleep chemicaly, which in turn induces a sleep with no sleep patterns. which means no REM or any other natural layers of brain activity normaly experienced while sleeping. Now me personally, i have problems myself with sleeping in that i dont normally dream like most people. i just basicly black out, much like your experience with amenesia im sure. ive never been put under completely. Ive never had to experience that...displeasure. but i do know what it feels like to lose pieces of time from your memory. To put it simply, i had my daughter, and due to them trying to make me "comfortable" i dont remember most of the time i was in the hospital. Anyways, all i have to say is that, in all truth, until you die you wont know the truth. For all you know one of the many religious cults may be right, or strangely they could all be right in some odd combination. We, as living beings will never know until its too late. On another note, even with this sort of "enlightenment" you received from that incident, you cannot compare empty sleep to death. For instance, when you die its not gonna go all black instantly like it did with the anesthesia. It has been proven that brain activity continues for some time, even if you are say...beheaded. Unless with all our science we somehow create a machine that can translate the thoughts of those people that are dead but still thinking, we will never know the truth until the end. Unless our brain is completely destroyed though, im sure we will have some time to process whatever our minds do when we actually die. I dont mean to be judgemental, please dont think that. i just like to look at things scientificly if possible. and in all rationality, when it comes to drugs, anesthesia or otherwise, it all just messes with brain cycles and functions.
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Dec 20, 2010