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Don't know about how well any of this would work, but going to throw about some random ideas. Most of the kids I work with, would be by many considerations "low functioning" (I use that by the standards of most people, there at times of the day when they function as well if not better than typical people, and times they don'). Anyway, I don't think they get much out of social stories. There's a bit of theory from which I conclude this, but in the interest of not debating, that's that. If Charlie would wear a watch, perhaps a watch with a timer? The timer might signal that it's time to come in and take a break (though I do think someone would have to swim out with him to start in order to teach him this). Among other ideas, repeated practice of listening to lifeguards. That might also need to be set up, and I honestly wouldn't know how. Last, and I'm sure you know, make the rescues, when he fails to swim in, as boring as possible.
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I had a student come to me when I worked in a residential setting directly out of a psychiatric hospital, he was 16. The records indicated that he entered that setting not toilet trained. He came to me toilet trained. If the psych hospital where they were truly ill-equipped to deal to with a large teenager with autism managed it, it can be done.
Yay for that helmet being history. Good for you not giving it back. At least if they want to put one on someone else (and I will agree it sometimes is needed) they'll have to put out the cash for again. I know they're tight for cash over there in NJ too, so they obviously wouldn't want to spend money on it unless it was really needed.
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Jun 2, 2010