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Rose Wade
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Me, myself, and I had a booze-laden convo. The cats just looked on with mild interest. But who cares what those cats think, eh? Anyway, the interpersonal convo was short, loud, and we arrived at a unanimous "YES". Secret handshakes were exchanged after.
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Finding the Right Words by Rose Wade   Our home is often held together by words both written and spoken. When my son first said ‘mama’ it brought tears of happiness to my eyes. There are words of encouragement and correction I’ll give to my children until I’m old and grey. Or older and greyer than I am now. We’re a military family. My husband has been apart from us many times. From brief two-week temporary duty assignments, six-month deployments to Iraq, and Afghanistan, and now a year-long remote tour in Korea. The time allotted to him for moral calls... Continue reading
Posted Jun 14, 2010 at The Robin Hood Lego Campaign
The Healing Power of Lego Play by Rose Wade Along with Autism Awareness, I have been advocating the positive effects of LEGO Therapy for children on the Autism Spectrum. LEGO Therapy was developed by Dr. Daniel LeGoff. In a structured environment, and with the assistance of trained individuals, children on the Autism Spectrum are guided through group activities involving LEGO play. There are currently no structured Lego Group environments for my son, Matthew, to participate in. In a personal discussion with Dr. LeGoff, I was told that he and others are developing Lego Therapy groups that will be more readily... Continue reading
Posted Jun 14, 2010 at The Robin Hood Lego Campaign
How Would You Know If a Fish Had Autism? I was recently brought to tears over comments made during a personal discussion in which Autism was mentioned. It was not so much the comments themselves but the nerve they struck. A friend who has a daughter with Autism told me how similar my son’s behaviors were to her daughter’s. It wasn’t until my son was in kindergarten that I realized she was right. My son was diagnosed with Autism in 2004. The first doctor I spoke to about my son possibly having Autism listened to some of my concerns then... Continue reading
Posted Jun 14, 2010 at The Robin Hood Lego Campaign
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