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Anyone for a Gingrich/Santorum ticket!!?!!
I agree with Richard, and Facebook is one thing. I'd like to know how to SPAM the endless Obama ads that pop up in everything I do on Yahoo!!! Anyone got a suggestion!?!
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Feb 1, 2011
I was also struck by the lack of reverence on the part of the audience. You've got to wonder what the university was thinking when they handed out tee-shirts to those in line reading "Together We Thrive, Tucson & America." I'm forced to wonder where one would wear it knowing what it refers to. What would you do if you ran into a family member of one of the victims while wearing it? Worse yet, did they give free shirts to the family members? Such actions are simply in poor taste, and totally inappropriate. The applause was warranted for the young man who is credited with saving Gabby Giffords' life, and even more so when it was revealed that she had opened her eyes for the first time. But the whistles, whooping and cheers were reminiscent of a political rally. It reminds me of the "funeral" for Senator Paul Wellstone that was turned into a partisan event. Is there nothing the left won't use for political purposes? Obviously not.
Toggle Commented Jan 13, 2011 on The Cheering in Arizona at Atlas Shrugs
Dear Pamela, Congratulations on this outstanding achievement. I'm downright envious!!! This is better than being named to the White House enemies list!!! Seriously, you are a patriot. You've made many people aware of the dangers we face at a time when America seems determined to forget or ignore them. You go, girl. I'm proud of you and for you.
Much like the law that raised the drinking age back to 21 (due to the inordinantly large number of young people dying--and killing others--in auto accidents because they didn't have enough sense not to drink and drive), I would like to propose that the law giving 18-year-olds the right to vote be reconsidered and rewritten. After all, this was passed because 18-year-olds could be drafted. We now have all-volunteer armed forces. With that in mind, I think we should raise the voting age to 25. Ask any employer of high-school and college-age kids why!!! There would be one exception to this--and one only: People younger than 25 gained the right to vote as soon as they graduated any armed forces boot camp, and actually began serving in the military.