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Haters! I'm glad I didn't encounter too many of those of you angry folks while in Cameroon. It would have deeply disturbed me to experience such inhospitable people so far from the US. You see, the reason I felt so at home was that the people I encountered cultivated actual discussion and discourse, rather than juju-based screaming matches and messages of hatred. I could disagree without being deeply offended. I'm trying to understand your viewpoints, but it's difficult when my country (the one which I pledge my allegiance, truly) is portrayed in only negative light. Also, for all those to whom it pertains, how much further must you reach your fingers to type "you" rather than "u"?? And one more thing... have you seen those Nan Fang bikes china sends over? Do you know what they are made of???? Not much! Affordable, but the cheapest piece of crap ever, along with all of the other products they supply Cameroonians with for daily use that practically disintegrate before their eyes. Hmm... exploitive? NAH, not according to some of you folks!
I'm thinking of the nursery school that was christened by Ambassador Marquardt last year in the tiny NW village of Nseh, funded by the US Embassy. I'm thinking of the expatriated Cameroonians living in the United States, making a living and finding educational opportunities not available in-country. I think of what they send back to the country of Cameroon. There have been Nigerian statistics suggesting that expatriated Nigerians bring in billions of dollars to the country every year! And I'm thinking of the US servants in Cameroon, having served in the United States Peace Corps, a government agency, in Cameroon for two years. Cameroon has been a country in the US Peace Corps for over 40 years. My country is certainly not perfect, but is yours? There's a lot of good that comes from our collaboration, there might even be good coming from US aid to the military. God curse America? You're cursing the world.
It seems to me like The Post might have a case of Dr. Jekyl/Mr. Hyde. Was it not a month ago that there was an article featured with a woman who was a mechanic, a strong-willed professional? What should be the husbands features, or is he free to explore and express himself for who he is?
I am so pleased to hear about this woman! As an American who worked in Cameroon, I was often the "odd woman out" with some of my activities. I once decided to paint the walls of my front parlor, and my neighbor said I should not do such a thing. I asked her why, and she responded that it was "not something women could do". When the walls were painted, she was amazed. I was astonished that such a thing could actually be believed. Ms. Temfeck is a shining beacon to women in Cameroon who see possibilities in their life. There are NO boundaries, and women who truly realize this learn what it means to be free! Bravo, Ms. Temfeck! Painters, mechanics, taxi and benskin operators, hunters, tappers, engineers, doctors.... ladies, lets represent!