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Thanks Antje, I do like to experiment with my palette these days! I'm happy when I'm playing and experimenting :) Glad it gave you a 'kick' to do something you might have been stuck on or putting off. We all need one from time to time don't we!
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Thank you! I did enjoy the beach and circles and shells :) Hopefully I'll settle on an idea for "thing" soon!
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on Playing, Sketching, Experimenting at rosiepink
Thank you Ruth - we love messing around to see what we can achieve with felt.
Thank you Marilyn - it's good to try something different now and again!
Thank you Esther!
Hello Kate - many thanks for your lovely comment! We hope you get fun from felting. There's some great video tutorials on making cat caves, here's one:
Hello Betty - 1" in diameter (as shown above) is a good size to start with, then when you're confident with the process you could experiment with smaller sizes. We hope you enjoy your stitching!
Thank you for your lovely comment Esther!
Hi Marilyn :) Thank you! Yes you are right, the sea presents so many different views every second you just have to try to capture the essence. The sea and beach provide no end of inspiration!
Thank you Marilyn! Me too, I love being near to the sea. If I need to clear the cobwebs a quick walk down at the beach is one of my favourite things to do. Love the sound of the waves!
Thanks Ruth. Yes I thought I was laying out a lot lighter than I actually did! You do need to play around with these things don't you. I also find it hard to stop and just keep adding bits :) I like the cropped bits as they are more focused. Viewfinders are one of my favourite tools!
Hello Patrick, the end won't work loose - it disappears because when it's cut it's under slight tension (you gently pull on it as you cut it), but the felt grips the thread and because it's cut after a few stitches have been made, there's no pull on it from the surface, so it stays put. You need to make the felt beads very firm, but don't worry as there's always just enough 'give' in them to be able to stitch. Have fun with them!
Thank you Nimet - glad you liked it!
Thank you Ann - we hope the sliding knot works on your non-stretchy stretch string.
Hello Carol and thank you for your lovely comment on our book. Yes, you are right in assuming that the quantities for dyeing are adjustable by simple division. It's fascinating to mix the dye to make your own colours - but take notes of how you make different colours should you wish to repeat the process. Have fun!
Thank you Els! We hope other people might discover the fun in embroidery too.
Thank you very much for the lovely compliment Karen.
Thank you Marilyn. Embroidering beads is very relaxing.
Thank you Ann. It's fun to do and the variations are endless!
Thank you Ruth. Writing tutorials is hard work but so rewarding!
Hi Ruth, Thanks :) Ooh yes do have a play, will be interested to see what you come up with. Endless possibilities aren't there!
Toggle Commented Mar 27, 2019 on Sketching with fibres and fabrics at rosiepink
Hi Marilyn. Thank you! x It is nice just "seeing what happens" sometimes without much of a plan! :)
Toggle Commented Mar 26, 2019 on Sketching with fibres and fabrics at rosiepink
Glad you like it Lynn.